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We’re less than one week from Election Day.

Today on Jay Sekulow Live, we covered the upcoming election, six days from today, as well as the Supreme Court decision denying a federal judge’s attempt to extend Wisconsin’s mail-in ballot deadline.

At this point, close to eighty million people have voted early. In the 2016 election there were something like one hundred and eighty million total votes cast. At this rate, we might already be at half that many votes by Election Day unless things slow down.

What we do know is the voting by mail narrative is changing. Various Secretaries of State and even the Biden campaign have previously told people to vote by mail. Now, they are telling people to drop off their ballots because there is not enough time.

My dad, Jay Sekulow, gave his thoughts on what the Wisconsin decision means for mail-in balloting:

I think we have clarity now from the Supreme Court, at least the beginning of clarity I would say, as to how this is going to look, as there’s challenges. There’s two cases that are really percolating right now; a series out of North Carolina and, of course, a series out of Pennsylvania. But there was also a decision by the Supreme Court out of Wisconsin, and it’s very important to understand the breakdown of how that case went because you have to understand what happened there.

It was this: Are we going to let the courts extend the date upon which ballots can be cast? In other words, that the ballot could come in three days after the election day or seven days, even if the state legislature says no, it’s got to be in by Election Day.

Justice Roberts said federal courts cannot extend these dates. That’s not the job of a federal court, but he said state courts can. Justice Kavanaugh writing a concurring opinion in the same case out of Wisconsin said no, and then he put a footnote in and said state courts also are bound by the same constitutional process. They can’t willy-nilly change the dates either. He makes the statement that there has to be certainty in election dates and election timing. So I found that, this really is I think, the roadmap of how it’s going to go.

I agree. That’s the roadmap. We now have a clear statement from most members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

We’ll be broadcasting live from our studios on Election Night to discuss the on-going results. We’ll have more on that later on this week.

The full broadcast is complete with more analysis and discussion by our team about the current state of the presidential campaign and the Supreme Court decision denying a federal judge’s attempt to extend Wisconsin’s mail-in voting deadline.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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