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Is Socialist Bernie Sanders on track to win the Democrat nomination for President?

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the race for the Democrat nomination and the fact that Senator Bernie Sanders has taken the lead in the latest poll.

Vice-President Joe Biden has liked to talk a lot over the last few days about how the first two states out of fifty don’t matter. It’s such a small percentage of the vote and he’s still leading in the national polls.

Well, Morning Consult conducted a poll and found that not only is he no longer leading in the national polls, post-New Hampshire, Vice-President Biden is trailing Senator Bernie Sanders nationally by ten percentage points. It’s been a net change of seven, just since New Hampshire.

In these polls, Vice-President Biden is no longer the frontrunner. Senator Sanders is the national frontrunner. You know who finished number three in the poll? Not the person who finished first in the Iowa Caucuses or the number two finisher in New Hampshire, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Number three is Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He’s at about 18%.

Mayor Bloomberg is right on the heels of replacing Vice-President Biden as what could be considered the more “moderate” choice. Here’s a guy who was a Democrat, then a Republican, an Independent, and now a Democrat again.

Mayor Bloomberg’s been spending big but the issue is that the states he’s been polling in well aren’t Super Tuesday states. For instance, Florida, where he’s taken the lead, they don’t even vote until March 17th, long after Super Tuesday on March 3rd.

In the Morning Consult poll Vice-President Biden is second with 19% and Senator Sanders garnering 29%.

It’s pretty earth shattering for the Democrat party right now when you’ve got a Socialist with at least a ten point lead over anyone else in the field, not just state by state, but nationally.

ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett made the following point:

This is why I believe that Senator Sanders is going to win Nevada, and contrary to what most people would tell you, I think he’s going to win South Carolina as well. It takes a while for the polling numbers to come forward. You can still look at polling numbers and they’ll show you that Vice-President Biden still has a lead in South Carolina, but I’m glad that you pointed out that Morning Consult poll because that’s the first indicator of what we said yesterday. That’s what we expected to happen. When it looks like it’s inevitable, that it looks like the favorite is falling, it can happen very quickly. I think that’s an indication that it will happen.

You can listen to the entire episode with more discussion here.

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