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House Democrats are poised to impeach President Trump today, and yesterday the FISA court slammed the FBI’s procedures and warrant requests as it related to Carter Page and the Trump campaign.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed today’s impeachment vote and FISA court bombshell.

Today is a day that is historic in nature but never should have occurred. The House is spending all day debating the procedures and likely holding the actual vote later in the day on the two articles to impeach President Trump.

The President will be impeached on both of these articles. All the reporting has been that the Democrats have enough votes from their caucus to impeach the President. There are questions about how many defections there will be from the Democrat Party. There’s reportedly none from the Republican Party.

Today is a sad day for our country. They’ve lowered the bar for impeaching a President. Professor Jonathan Turley, one of the law professors who testified before the House Judiciary Committee, said on CBS:

The most troubling for me is the obstruction of Congress. They set an abbreviated period for investigation, arguably the shortest investigation of any presidential impeachment, depending on how you count the Johnson impeachment days. And then they said if you don't turn over the evidence during that period, you're obstructing Congress. Well, President Trump went to court to challenge the necessity of handing over that material. Both Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon were allowed to go all the way to the Supreme Court – they ultimately lost, and Nixon resigned soon afterwards. My concern is that this really does seem like you are making an appeal to the court into a high crime or a misdemeanor.

I expect that the Senate will raise the bar back up and rebuke the House for their impeachment for policy and political disagreements.

We also discussed the FISA court order forcing the FBI to produce a number of corrections to the FISA process, which was a full rebuke of the FBI. It calls into question not only the warrant regarding Carter Page, which was bogus, but also every FBI application for a FISA warrant since the process has been handled so sloppily, so carelessly, even though it is supposed to be one held to the highest standard.

The actions of fired FBI director Jim Comey, the actions of Peter Strzok, the actions of Andrew McCabe, the actions of those FBI attorneys have called into question the entire FISA court process.

You can listen to the entire episode with our full analysis here.

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