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The New Hampshire primary – progressives versus socialists – is today.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the New Hampshire Democrat primary.

Tonight, and I say this with caution, we should have the results of the New Hampshire Democrat Presidential Primary. Last Tuesday night, which was the night before the acquittal of the President in the impeachment trial, everybody expected that we were going to have the results of the Iowa Caucus. I still don’t think they are in quite correctly, yet. Supposedly, New Hampshire will have its results tonight. Will it? Good question. We’ll see soon, I guess.

I asked Jordan Sekulow to describe how the primary works and how accurate the polling data is, as there are a lot of Independents up in New Hampshire. He said:

New Hampshire has this half-open primary. You can actually undeclared yourself as a Republican and then become an Independent today and vote in either primary. President Trump said to go and vote in the Democrat primary for the weakest candidate. That’s actually a strategy Parties have done to each other when they have the President in office when he doesn’t really have a primary challenge. So that’s not new.

You never exactly know but it is certainly easier to poll than a caucus. It’s pretty clear right now that Senator Bernie Sanders has got the strongest lead. The big surprise would be is if Mayor Pete Buttigieg somehow jumped over him. We don’t have polls showing that even close. You go the step down and there are polls pretty close within the margins that show Senator Amy Klobuchar within striking distance of Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Then you have Senator Elizabeth Warren basically in a two-way tie for fourth with Vice-President Joe Biden. Those polls all are so close at the end.

I predict this: Joe Biden has the most to lose and he’s already kind of saying that. What if Joe Biden finishes third? He’s going to consider that a win and try to say that. He’s going to then say, see, I’m not dead. I jumped all the way back from fifth to third, which is pretty sad but still.

What happens to Senator Elizabeth Warren if she finishes fourth, being from a neighboring state, a state where literally people commute into her state to work daily? So what does that say about her chances? What if Senator Amy Klobuchar, who’s gotten a lot of attention over the past few days, doesn’t finish in the top three? She has a lot to lose.

Of course, Senator Sanders has the most to lose if he doesn’t win New Hampshire.

Tomorrow we’ll give you our full analysis of the New Hampshire Democrat Presidential Primary results.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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