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Is the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan prioritizing prisoners before grandparents?

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live/The Logan Sekulow Reprogram, we talked about a COVID-19 vaccine rollout report which seems to put prisoners higher on the priority list than the most vulnerable Americans, senior citizens.

My co-host Will Haynes explained:

What we’re seeing is states are starting to release their plans of how they’re going to distribute the vaccine because they will be working with the companies on adding a priority list. They’re saying within two weeks in the United States that it could start rolling out.

It looks like the rollout should be underway very soon.

We always knew that once the COVID-19 vaccine rollout began, those that are considered the most vulnerable would get access to it first. That means that nursing homes will get it first, for obvious reasons. The next logical step, one would think,  would be those that are 65 years old and up, especially those that have other medical conditions.

However, in certain states, there’s a list of other people who will have access to the vaccine before seniors. In some states, that includes convicted prisoners.

Will continued:

The Colorado plan, actually is what spiked this in the news. They have the phase one, the frontline workers, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and high risk residents and patients in assisted living or long-term care, nursing homes. That all makes sense. The doctors and nurses, one, because you don’t want them spreading it to other people but also because you need them to help care for the infected. Then also the long-term care and nursing home facilities, we know that’s been some of the hardest hit communities, especially in the northeast. You’ve seen how many people’s lives have been lost to this virus in those demographics.

But then you get down in Colorado’s phase two. Its people that live in congregant housing, including those who are in prisons, and essential workers will receive the vaccine.

Essential workers, I completely understand that. Healthcare and frontline workers, that makes sense as well.  But giving prison inmates higher priority than grandparents? That’s ridiculous.

In related news the United Kingdom’s version of the FDA approved the Pfizer version of the vaccine and it will begin distribution next week, so it makes sense that distribution would be imminent here in the United States as well.

We’re going to stay on top of this and keep you more updated as this develops.

The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion about COVID-19 vaccine distribution and much more.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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