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Our cities are in chaos as the looting continues.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed another night of looting in America’s cities. We also discussed the remarks President Trump made yesterday from the Rose Garden as well as the latest events in the General Michael Flynn case.

Depending on where you are in the country, things may have been quieter last night. In other major cities, which dominated the news cycle because a lot of the major broadcasts are based there, obviously there was a lot of unrest. In cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York there was still looting and protests that turned into riots. Even during the day, there were some riots.

So much focus was on Washington, DC. At the White House, you had the President of the United States in the Rose Garden address to the nation, first on George Floyd and condemn the actions of the police in Minneapolis. Second, he told governors and mayors across the country that these riots and the looting are unacceptable; if they don’t do something about it he will. In Washington, DC, it was pretty clear that these riots could be moved, dispersed, and contained.

ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett made the following point:

First of all, I thought the remarks struck the balance perfectly between the need to acknowledge the injustices that have occurred and then also the sober responsibility that the federal government has to secure the communities of America. I think the President addressed both of those, and I think it had an impact last night.

Here on Capitol Hill things are pretty quiet right now. Now, that does change as day turns to night and people come in and try to coopt the demonstrations that are taking place that have been largely peaceful in Washington.

The interesting thing is the comments that the President made really do reflect the reality that I’m seeing in the neighborhoods of Washington, DC where people of very different backgrounds are coming together and trying to find a solution. I think that’s what the President is aimed at. And quite frankly, I think both sides of this equation are part of that. You do have to engage in the dialogue, but the other thing that you have to do in order to enable that conversation is you have to make sure that the violence is put down so that the very communities that are being oppressed aren’t victimized by it. That’s what the President was trying to do with those remarks.

We also discussed the fact that the judge in the General Michael Flynn case filed his response to the writ of mandamus petition in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, made the following point on Fox News:

It’s clear from his brief . . . that the judge has abandoned any pretense of any impartiality and wants to prosecute Gen. Flynn himself and conduct a mini trial over whatever issues he chooses to identify in the case, regardless of what the Attorney General has decided and done here. Even going back to charges that didn’t exist in the first place, and creating some new ones as well.

The full broadcast is complete with more discussion by our team on looting in our cities, President Trump’s remarks, the legal basis for use of the military to secure our cities, and the latest updates in the General Flynn case.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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