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There was chaos last night in the Iowa Caucus. It’s not the Russians. It’s not the Ukrainians. It was the internal Democrat app that failed all those campaigns.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed last night’s chaotic Iowa Caucus. As of today’s show, there were no results released because of a failure in the reporting app used by the Iowa Democrat Party.

Joe Scarborough gave his take on the Iowa Caucus on MSNBC this morning:

The Democrats have had three years to get ready for this, and they got a bunch of candidates that run in the first contest, and they don’t even get off the launch pad. Blows up on the launch pad. This is a disaster for Democrats. They’ve got to figure out how to fix quickly.

I’ve worked on a number of Iowa Caucuses before, I think three.  I’ve worked them, including for incumbent Presidents, so my experience is very much like what President Trump did last night. He actually blew out turnout numbers. The Republican Party did not change to this new way, the two-tiered voting with this app. They did it the traditional caucus way and he got 97% of the vote. It was unbelievable turnout when there really wasn’t a contest on the Republican side. On the Democrat side, it was another matter.

What information do we currently have from the Democrat field? I feel for those campaigns on the Democrat side. I’ve been there where you’re spending basically, sometimes everything you’ve got to make a big play in Iowa so you get a fundraising boost to take you into New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and ultimately Super Tuesday. America woke up this morning to zero results, zero percent reporting.

There were victory speeches by some campaigns. It was interesting to see that. You had Mayor Pete’s campaign declare victory. You had the Biden campaign start attacking whether or not you could ever trust the results. I’m guessing the campaigns all had precinct captains. They all have people inside. You could kind of get an idea, not exactly if they won or not, but how well they did. If you’re attacking the integrity of the process, you probably didn’t do as well. If you’re out there acting pretty excited about it, you may not know if you won or not, but you probably placed in the top three if not better.

I think the fact that America woke up with morning with zero reported results is absurd.

ACLJ Senior Military Analyst Wes Smith made the following point:

It was not a good week for the Democrats. Their efforts to get rid of this President through a conviction of their impeachment thing is failing miserably. Today, the President’s poll numbers are up. This was the launch of a nine month campaign to get rid of Donald Trump this launch blew up on the launch pad.

You can listen to the entire episode, complete with further analysis of the Iowa Caucus disaster, the impeachment trial closing arguments, and more here.

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