Radio Recap – BREAKING: NYC Defunds Police by $1 Billion

Welcome back to Fear City as the NYPD has one billion dollars cut from its budget. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live , we discussed the defunding of the New York City Police Department, as New York City just slashed one billion dollars from the NYPD’s budget. You’ve got homicide on the rise . You’ve got violent crime, gun crime specifically, on the rise. The amount of people who have been injured in serious criminal activities have been on the rise . We all watched as New York City burned during those riots. The police came in and tried to control the situation. There was nothing clear from New York City Major Bill de Blasio of what to do or how to engage or how to even calm things down. Basically, the city got looted and the streets are empty. What we’re now used to seeing as the cable news pulls away is Times Square with no cars in it. It is a unique time but it has happened before in New York’s history. It happened in the 1970’s when New York was cratering on the brink of bankruptcy. They cut funding to the police for different reasons but then faced a massive crime wave that lasted for a long time. My dad, Jay Sekulow, made the following point: At the same time that they are talking about cutting police budgets in New York, the Seattle police department has now gone into the autonomous zone. Why did they go in? The mayor had to issue an executive order. What’s interesting here, they are calling this the CHOP zone, crime rate within the zone was on the increase. Here’s the problem, if you have surgery you have a surgeon who uses a scalpel. If you’re going to get some meat cut, you use a butcher. A butcher uses a big butcher knife, a bludgeoning blow of the butcher’s knife to carve the meat. The surgeon uses a scalpel. In dealing with the situation with the police, to carve out those bad actors you need a scalpel, not a bludgeoning blow because it’s going to end up hurting the community more significantly. The full broadcast is complete with more discussion by our team of New York City’s defunding of the police to the tune of one billion dollars. Watch the full broadcast below.