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Operation Warp Speed by President Trump was proven to be very real and very successful.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed the breaking news that now another COVID-19 vaccine has been developed by Moderna, working in conjunction with the Trump Administration’s Operation War Speed, and has tested to be an astonishing 94.5% effective.

So some thought when President Trump announced Operation Warp Speed, he was just using rhetoric. Well, now we have another vaccine announced, with an even better effective rate than Pfizer’s. Moderna was part of Operation Warp Speed and their research was directly funded by the Trump Administration’s program. They are showing nearly 95% effectiveness. Your flu shot falls in the 25% to 40% range, in a good year.

What this would effectively mean is once enough of this vaccine is produced and tested properly so that enough people can take it, that COVID will still exist in the air but 95% of us won’t contract it. At that point, essentially, the pandemic will be over. This is huge for the U.S. economy. That is assuming it is actually deployed here first, and isn’t immediately sent overseas and neglecting most Americans, as Joe Biden’s team has hinted they would do.

We also discussed the latest legal election updates. We have a big week ahead. My dad, Jay Sekulow, who is working on the Trump legal team in his outside capacity, made the following points.

We have a big one tomorrow. Tuesday, [there will be a hearing on] a motion to dismiss [that] has been filed against the claims in Pennsylvania. In that particular case, that’s a lot of the constitutional challenges for Pennsylvania. That case, if in fact we survive the motion to dismiss, what will happen is we will then proceed to a trial, ready for this, on Thursday. I was working with the lawyers over the weekend getting that ready. If you lose the motion to dismiss, it’s subject to appeal to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.

In Georgia, there is a series of suits that will be entered into this week, mostly focusing on signature verification and some of the issues there. The recount’s going on as we speak, almost done I think. The next aspect or the next major item, I think that you’ll see is the planned actions in Wisconsin but it’s interesting. My understanding is that you have to wait until the 30th, there must be some kind of certification date before you can actually bring the legal challenge in court. All of that is going on right now. There’s talk about what the state legislatures are going to do in the states that are being contested . . . . That’s an issue. There’s even talk about some states very upset that their voters, the people that voted in their states have had their vote diluted because other states had a process that was not transparent, fair, and violated due process. So a state could sue another state. All of that’s possible.

This will be a key week with several cases being filed by different parties. We’ll continue to bring you the updates as they come in.

The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion by our team about the vaccine news and the latest legal updates on the election.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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