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The U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs.

On today’s very special Jay Sekulow Live and The Logan Sekulow ReProgram, we discussed the fact that the latest jobs report shows that the economy has added 4.8 million jobs. We also were joined by special guests, Sean Hannity, country superstar John Rich, and television legend Wink Martindale.

Director of the U.S. Economic Council Larry Kudlow said the following on Fox News:

Well, it’s a spectacular number. What we’ve done here, basically, is created 8 million jobs in the last two months, May and June, the unemployment rate is falling, people are going back to work, there’s a good spirit about this. All is not solved. We still have too many people on the unemployment rolls, there’s still too much hardship, so we’ve got to continue to work . . . . But it’s a spectacular number.

This is huge news, obviously. We had record breaking jobs numbers. We should all feel good about it as we head into Independence Day weekend. That’s 4.8 million new jobs added in the month of June, smashing the record.

My co-host, Will Haynes, made the following point about the jobs report when he said:

It is easily the largest single month gain in U.S. history and with that, the unemployment rate fell to 11.1%. That’s still higher than we’d like it to be, but we’re heading in the right direction. It was upwards, close to 20%. Some estimates had it closer to 23% unemployment. We slashed that. People are getting back to work. We’re seeing America get back to work and that’s what we like to hear this weekend.

Smashing the record and smashing expectations, I think that’s important. A lot of news put out that this was unrecoverable and we weren’t going to be able to do this. We’re about one-third the way back. When your CNBCs and your MSNBCs say phrases like “smashes expectations,” you know that good things are happening for America and we’re excited.

Sean Hannity joined us on the show today and talked about current events in America. Here’s what he had to say about New York City slashing the police budget by a billion dollars:

Ask yourself the question, who are you going to call when something happens? To me, that’s the fundamental simple basic, raw question. Who are you going to call if, God forbid, it’s late at night, something happens? Somebody’s breaking into your house, you’ve got kids, who are you going to call to help you? Because if you don’t have a police department, or have a small police department, there’s not going to be anybody that’s available to help you.

The full broadcast includes more discussion about the awesome jobs report and full conversations with the legendary Wink Martindale, John Rich, and Sean Hannity.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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