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Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe just accused former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of committing perjury before the United States Senate.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed yesterday’s testimony from former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. In response, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe accused Mr. Rosenstein of providing false testimony.

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said in a statement:

Mr. Rosenstein’s claims to have been misled by me, or anyone from the FBI, regarding our concerns about President Trump and the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia are completely false.

“Mr. Rosenstein approved of, and suggested ways to enhance, our investigation of the President,” he continued. “Further, I personally briefed Mr. Rosenstein on Jim Comey’s memos describing his interactions with the President mere days after Mr. Rosenstein wrote the memo firing Jim Comey.”

Senator Lindsey Graham gave former Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein an opportunity to respond to Mr. McCabe’s accusations during Wednesday’s hearing. Mr. Rosenstein responded:

I did not say Mr. McCabe misled me—what I said was that he did not reveal the Comey memos to me for a week and that is true. And he revealed them to me only a couple of hours before they showed up in the New York Times.

While watching former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s testimony, you have to listen very closely to him. He does not, even in statements that sound like he’s saying yes or no, make it crystal clear. If you actually listen, it appears that he’s always leaving something hanging out there that he’s not saying.

The issue specifically is Andrew McCabe, who we had the discussion about on the show yesterday, as to whether he was going to be silent? This is also a guy who is suing to get his pension back. Would he try to claim the 5th Amendment? Now he’s accusing people of crimes. If I’m a U.S. attorney, not even just the Senate staff which I think has an absolute right to subpoena McCabe now because he put himself in the middle of it by making a new statement, I’m definitely bringing these two in.

ACLJ Senior Counsel Andy Ekonomou, who is a former U.S. Attorney, made the following point:

I definitely want to hear what he has to say. I don’t know that he’s going to not take the 5th. If I was him I’d shut my mouth and wouldn’t say anything further. Although, you may have waived your right to assert the 5th Amendment having made a statement that Rosenstein lied. McCabe, you know, has a lot of internal fortitude making the statement, of all people, that Rosenstein provided false testimony considering what he did in his role in the entire investigation, and the entire matter. The rats are turning on each other right now as I see it.

The full broadcast is complete with more in-depth discussion by our team of former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s Senate testimony as well as former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s accusations.

Watch the full broadcast below.


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