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America Last: Vice President Biden’s vaccine plan for you and the world.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we discussed Vice President Joe Biden’s America Last policy. One of Biden’s transition team COVID-19 advisors spoke of the need to get the vaccine to the rest of the world before all the citizens of the United States can receive it.

Vice President Biden’s COVID-19 advisor, Zeke Emmanuel, said the following on CNBC back in September:

Vaccine nationalism, it’s called. Keeping the vaccine for my country is a natural response. Governments are responsible for the freedom and wellbeing of their citizens. But there’s a limit to what they should do, and there’s also some obligation to the world. If the whole world is suffering, your country is not going to get better as New Zealand has shown us, if everyone else has a lot of COVID. It’ll come back into your country. So we have obligations beyond our borders too.

Mr. Emmanuel continued:

So what we have proposed is that we, actually, you know, countries can have enough vaccine to get the transmission rate in their country down, but then they really do have an obligation to release vaccine into the world, and then the question is how you distribute it.

What he’s saying is we shouldn’t provide all the COVID-19 vaccine to America first, just enough to get it under control and give it to the rest of the world. Don’t cure all the Americans first. Don’t give it to all Americans. This would be the end of America First. Understand that folks – this policy would be America LAST.

My dad, Jay Sekulow, gave us an update on the latest developments that he’s seeing in the legal battle phase of the presidential election:

Well, we now have three lawsuits. A lawsuit was now filed in Arizona, as well. So you’ve got Arizona, you have Michigan, and you have Pennsylvania. Also, as of right this moment, the Supreme Court has left in the place the stay that we received on Friday of last week from Justice Alito that requires the continued segregation of those ballots that came in late and that any counting of those ballots not be included in the main count. Now, why is that important? Because if there are voter irregularities, which have been alleged in a hundred and five page complaint that has been filed in Pennsylvania, it is possible that all of these cases will be brought up at the same time to the Supreme Court. I think that’s a realistic aspect and you could have a series of cases. Now, for instance in I believe, Arizona, there’s going to be an evidentiary hearing next week. So these cases are moving rapidly in process.

The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion about what it looks like is Vice President Biden’s America Last policy, as well as more about the latest legal updates in the presidential election.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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