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The party conventions are over and the 2020 election is entering the final phase.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live, we talked about the current state of the 2020 election. With the conclusion of both the RNC and the DNC, the race to the finish line is on. This is also the final day of our Matching Challenge. Watch the broadcast and find out how you can help.

As we discussed on Friday, the party conventions are over. Now Speaker Pelosi and others don’t even want Vice President Biden to debate President Trump. It looks like they are scared to death about that prospective.

It seems clear that the DNC didn’t even move the needle for Vice President Biden and Senator Harris, while President Trump actually did receive a bump from the RNC. Those numbers are still coming in but what we’re seeing in some of the most key battleground states is that, at least in some polls, President Trump is leading. One of those polls is reporting a two point lead in Michigan. In other polls, President Trump and Vice President Biden are in a virtual tie. That’s even stronger positioning than President Trump had at this phase of the 2016 campaign.

Remember that only months ago the mainstream media was talking about an eleven-point landslide, or more, for Vice President Biden. Their narrative was that Vice President Biden was going to crush President Trump in the electoral map. While no one can predict the outcome of this election, we do know right now things are trending back up for President Trump, and they are stalling for Vice President Biden.

President Trump and Vice President Pence are also going to be hitting the actual campaign trail, while Vice President Biden’s campaign is only planning to do a mini-tour. At least he’ll get out of his basement a little bit.  

The full broadcast is complete with more discussion and analysis about the state of the 2020 election, the work the ACLJ is doing on issues like school choice, and some breaking news about General Flynn’s case that happened near the end of the broadcast.

Today is the final day of our Matching Challenge. We can’t do the work of the ACLJ without your generous support. We can’t fight for the unborn and families’ rights, expose the Deep State, advocate for Israel, or create initiatives like our School Choice Initiative without your help. The Matching Challenge means every dollar you donate is matched – doubled. That means $5 becomes $10. $10 becomes $20. This broadcast doesn’t happen without your support. Please take part in our Matching Challenge and donate today.

Watch the full broadcast below.

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