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As the impeachment stalemate comes to an end, the House plans to send the articles of impeachment over to the U.S. Senate and name House managers which will start the trial very soon.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed the mechanics of the House naming managers and the impeachment trial in the Senate.

We now know that the House of Representatives will meet tomorrow. The House Democrats in their caucus will come up with a resolution that they will vote on, to essentially name the House managers who will make the case for impeachment before the U.S. Senate.

An interesting part of this whole process is that those in favor of impeachment – in order to make the case before the Senate – can only use members of Congress. It cannot be staff counsel. It cannot be lawyers or attorneys that they want to bring in to help make the case for impeachment, in support of the two articles of impeachment.

What they have to do is name only current members of the House of Representatives. They haven’t done that yet. You can imagine that it would likely be someone like Congressman Adam Schiff or Congressman Jerry Nadler. There will probably be some names left out that will surprise you, while others will be left out that you’d completely understand. 

We should know that by Wednesday or Thursday. Again, this is a pretty fluid process but what is key here is who is being sent over as they’ll be presenting the case before the Senate.

It looks like they’ll be presenting a case for impeachment that is six to eight hours long. On the other side of this, that doesn’t include the President’s team or Senate questions. The President’s team is not bound by the restrictions that one must be a member of the House of Representatives to participate. The President is able to bring in outside counsel. There will be a mix of both outside counsel and the White House Counsel’s Office.

In his capacity as Outside Counsel to President Trump, my father, Jay Sekulow is officially on that team that will be defending the President before the Senate and making the case against the articles of impeachment.

It’ll likely be a partisan vote from the House to send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.

Senator Lindsey Graham said over the weekend on Fox News about the impending trial:

The Senate should not reward this behavior by the House. The Senate should end this trial as quickly as possible. That’s what I intend to do. He will be acquitted. I hope and pray every Republican will reject what Nancy Pelosi did, and we’ll pick up a few Democrats.

You can listen to the entire episode with our full analysis of the upcoming impeachment process and Senate trial here.

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