Joe Biden’s Softball CNN Town Hall (Sekulow Recap)


Jordan Sekulow


February 17, 2021

2 min read

Public Policy

Last night was President Biden’s first town hall with CNN, and the questions were all just a bunch of a softballs.

Today on Sekulow, we discussed CNN’s first town hall with President Biden. The media’s relationship with this White House has taken a pretty drastic turn – no accountability.

President Biden is clearly not being treated the same way by the media as President Trump was, but that is not a surprise. The media essentially coordinated to take President Trump out of office before he even took the oath of office.

CNN got this unique opportunity. President Biden has not been granting a great deal of interviews, and this was his first town hall. There were plenty of very real, very serious issues to talk about: the pandemic, the recently concluded impeachment trial, school closings, Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 scandal, foreign policy issues, China, and much more.

So why didn’t CNN’s Anderson Cooper spend more time on the important issues, instead asking silly questions about what it’s like to live at the White House or about his day?

Anderson Cooper actually asked President Biden the following:

Over the years, over your career, you have obviously spent a great deal of time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, except now you're living there and you're President. It's been four weeks. What's it like? How is it different?

How is it different? That’s easy. The press is asking this President softballs like these.

As we were on the air, we received the heartbreaking news that the great Rush Limbaugh had passed away at the age of 70. First of all we ask of you to join us in prayers for the family of Rush Limbaugh. It is a huge loss for the conservative movement and the United States of America.

On his final radio shows, Rush had talked about every day being a blessing from God. He really experienced a renewal of faith in his life, going through the illness that ultimately took his life.

Rush informed and entertained millions for decades, carrying on the torch of the conservative movement. He paved the way for all of us. Shows like ours, where we crossover into conservative and Christian radio – these shows didn’t exist before Rush Limbaugh on the scale that they do today. All the national shows like ours, Hannity’s, Beck’s, Levin’s; none of these shows would exist in their current form without Rush Limbaugh. Every successful conservative radio show owes Rush Limbaugh gratitude.

We were also very privileged and honored that Rush would talk about the work of the ACLJ and members of the team on his broadcast. Thank you, Rush. You will be missed.

The full broadcast is complete with much more discussion by our team of CNN’s town hall with President Biden. We also spent a great deal talking about the legacy of Rush Limbaugh. We were joined by ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell who talked about foreign policy issues and his memories of Rush Limbaugh.

Watch the full broadcast below.