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Shelter-In-Place But Do Not Forget Your Neighbors

By Jay Sekulow1585058400000

We are all living history right now. Few people alive today have ever had to deal with sheltering-in-place, quarantines, and “social distancing.”

Of course nobody wants to do it. But there are moments where we must do not what we want to do or consider enjoyable, but what is right.

While we’re currently being told that for some, mostly the young and healthy, you might only experience mild symptoms, and most likely will survive, there are those for whom Coronavirus is a death sentence.

The only thing we can all do – and we all MUST DO – is to avoid not only being a target, but also avoid spreading it to others.

As I recently said on Jay Sekulow Live, we are fortunate to live in an age where technology allows us to work from home and work remotely. We can not only talk to, but also see, others through technology and stay connected while keeping a safe distance.

I sent a message directly to the young people in America. Even if you feel great, you could be carrying the virus and transmit it to someone older or with a compromised immune system that cannot fight this thing.

Ignoring the directive to isolate is putting your grandparents, your parents, and others with compromised immune systems in grave danger.

We are all Americans here. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. We are Americans. We are trying to protect those who are most vulnerable, which is a lot of people. And I want to say something to millennials and 18 and 19-year-olds. We really need your help. You are the vessel of transmission.

Be smart. Use technology to connect socially. Stay on your couch if you are sick. Protect your family.

Generations before you were called to war in times of crisis. No one is ordering you to place yourself in harm’s way. Our valiant medical professionals and first-responders are doing that for us.

In fact, you’re being asked to do just the opposite. Stay home. Be comfortable. Don’t congregate in groups. With minimal effort, you can save lives.

But the longer you wait to follow these recommendations, the longer we’re all going to have to self-isolate. I implore everyone to take this seriously RIGHT NOW.

We must stave off this virus now before its completely out of control. Let countries like Italy be our example. We don’t want to overwhelm our emergency rooms and watch people die, unable to receive treatment.

I also ask you, in this time of crisis and hardship, look out for your neighbor. There are many who cannot work from home, and many businesses have been forced to shut down. Food service workers, hair stylists and barbers, retailers, and many others only get paid when they show up to work – there’s not paid time off, no sick leave. Those are the Americans who will suffer from Coronavirus, even if they never get it.

If you are blessed to be able to continue working, and receiving a paycheck during this quarantine period, please remember you neighbors who are not. Slide a check in their mailbox or screen door. Leave groceries or a meal on their front step.

Avoiding contact with one another does not mean forgetting about each other. We must pull together as Americans. It is our biblical imperative to care for those in need and love our neighbor. Remember, giving and being charitable doesn’t have to be tax-deductible. We support each other because we are called to by almighty God. It’s time to step up.

Let’s operate like believers in a great God and like patriots. This is a war that has been unleashed on the world that we are dealing with here.

It’s all hands on deck right now to make sure everyone comes out okay on the other side of this calamity. And we will.

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