Calls for Pete Buttigieg's Resignation After Bridge Infrastructure Tragedy


Logan Sekulow

March 27

4 min read

Public Policy



Yesterday’s collapse of the landmark Baltimore bridge – caused by a cargo ship crashing into it – was a horrible tragedy that makes you wonder what’s going on in President Biden’s Department of Transportation. Should Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg resign over the numerous transportation failures over the past few years (e.g., supply chain issues, the East Palestine train derailment, airline delays, etc.)?

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh posted on X (formerly Twitter):

Walsh’s summary should be the sentiment of all Americans right now. I’m not saying anything nefarious motivated the bridge collapse, but we should question if the government is spending money in the wrong places.

As we go into an election year, we should take stock of the accomplishments – or failures – of the current Administration. Two of the Biden Administration’s marquee acts of legislation that they herald as victories for President Biden are the Build Back Better Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. When added together, the spending for both bills was $2.2 trillion dollars.

So how is Build Back Better going for Americans? Since the bill’s implementation, all we’ve seen is a litany of disasters on a national scale. Something is clearly not working. When it comes to government spending, we can all surely agree that our bridges, airplanes, roads, and transport ships should be safe.

Secretary Buttigieg spoke yesterday about how the Francis Scott Key Bridge has been a “cathedral of American infrastructure . . . and a part of the skyline of this region longer than many of us has [sic] been alive.”

Maybe the fact that this bridge has been around so long and traversed by thousands of people every day is something that should be taken into consideration. Is the U.S. government ensuring that all these old landmark bridges (e.g., the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge) are still safe? We should be evaluating these bridges more closely to avoid future tragedies.

The Biden Administration should better prioritize government spending to make Americans feel safe enough to cross a bridge.

A new Gallup poll shows that more Americans are starting to oppose Israel’s war to eradicate Hamas. The Biden Administration’s waning support for Israel and the mainstream media’s attacks on Israel are impacting American sentiment.

Senior Counsel for International and Government Affairs Jeff Ballabon commented on how families are still suffering psychologically from Hamas’ attack:

There’s not a family here that hasn’t lost somebody close to them. There’s not a family here who hasn’t had someone serve for months in horrific danger and therefore is agonizing every moment of the day about their father, their mother, their brother, their sister, their child, their parents. It’s an ongoing trauma. The trauma of the hostages is an ongoing trauma. It’s a very small nation – it’s a nation that feels much more like a family. And so there is trauma, and yet life does go on.

The ACLJ steadfastly continues to support Israel. For example, today at the U.N., ACLJ Senior Counsel CeCe Heil delivered an oral intervention in support of Israel. And on Monday, the ACLJ is sending a new demand letter to the U.N., advocating support for Israel. Take a stand for Israel with us by signing our petition. We must never turn our back on America’s greatest ally.

We can’t hold the Biden Administration accountable for its failures or defend Israel without your generous support. We are in the final days of our Life & Liberty Drive. Right now all gifts are doubled instantly – donate today.

Today’s Sekulow broadcast included a full analysis of the Baltimore bridge collapse and whether Secretary Pete Buttigieg should resign. ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo responded to Vice President Kamala Harris’ denouncing Israel’s likely forthcoming invasion of Rafah.

Watch the full broadcast below: