The Womb Should Be A Place of Protection, Not Slaughter

January 20, 2015

3 min read

Pro Life



The womb was designed by God to protect and foster the growth of unborn children and each passing week of development in the womb brings new experiences for the young life, one of which being the ability to feel pain.

Extensive research has been conducted over the years on fetal pain, and on January 22nd, the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a very important bill that attempts to outlaw abortions at and after 20 weeks gestation—the point in which an unborn child can feel and respond to pain throughout his entire body—will be up for a vote in the House.

But even as I contemplate the mere necessity of this bill and the outrage it has produced from the Left, I find myself becoming disgusted…infuriated…enraged… devastated by it all.

I’m disgusted because for nearly 42 years, tens of millions of beautiful little children have been stripped of their personhood and brutally slaughtered without justice.

I’m infuriated because millions of lives were lost because of those women who support the right to “choose” life or death for their child—a right exclusively bestowed upon a select group of persons born into our society—refuse to face the reality of their own biology and the truth that the life they have the ability to grow is furnished with the same right to life they posses.

I’m enraged because the 23-week-old daughter I am currently carrying, legally has no rights except those which are given to her by me, as if she were enslaved by an overbearing master who could easily choose her fate with a flick of the wrist as Caesar did.

Lastly, I’m devastated because of how much I know about my little girl, even at 23-weeks old. I know her to be an energetic little one who enjoys hamburgers, jazzercising at 10pm, and karate chopping her mother’s bladder whenever the feeling arises. I know she loves to wiggle and that she has perfectly formed fingers, toes, lips, arms, and legs. And most of all, I know she, as the daughter of the One High God, is precious in His sight.

Yet, it is not only my daughter who is fearfully and wonderfully made. All children are, and that’s what this bill is attempting to do—give each child back their personhood. Though it is targeting only the late term abortions that science has proven to cause excruciating pain for babies being aborted, it is a start. It is a step in the right direction toward returning humanity to millions of human beings who have been voiceless for far too long.

UPDATE 1.27.2015:  The vote on this important, life-saving bill was put on hold in the House last week.  We’re fighting in Congress to revive this bill, and we’ll keep you fully abreast of the developments in the fight to put an end to painful, late-term abortions. The unborn deserve for their voice to be heard.  They deserve a vote for life. Sign our new petition demanding a vote to ban late-term abortions today.