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U.S. House Votes to Defend Life

By Nathanael Bennett1442609967124

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved two important pieces of pro-life legislation that are supported by the ACLJ.

First, by a vote of 241-186, the House passed H.R. 3134, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act. This legislation, which is sponsored by Rep. Diane Black (R-TN), would prohibit Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal funding. The net result would be $528 million that is currently allocated to the largest abortion provider in the world being transferred to community health centers for the care of women. This action is of course particularly important in light of the recent investigative footage that revealed all manner of horrific activity at Planned Parenthood facilities – including the harvesting and sale of baby body parts.

Next, by a vote of 248-177, the House passed H.R. 3504, the Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act. This legislation would ensure that every baby who is born is provided with all the legal rights of a human being, even if that baby has just survived an abortion. It would stipulate that, in the event a baby survives an attempted abortion, the attending healthcare professionals must perform life-saving care just as they would for a newborn delivered under any other circumstance. It would be barbaric for the United States to adopt anything less for the most innocent and helpless among us.

The ACLJ congratulates the U.S. House for taking these two stands for life, and we call on the U.S. Senate to follow suit. We will continue our decades-long fight for life, and we encourage you to join us.

Stop Harvesting Aborted Babies’ Organs

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