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The U.S. Senate Must Reject Xavier Becerra for HHS Secretary

By Jordan Sekulow1614974944751

It’s time for the U.S. Senate to do the right thing. It’s time for the U.S. Senate to insist on an HHS Secretary who is qualified to lead us out of the ongoing pandemic. It’s time for the U.S. Senate to do the work of the American people rather than play another political game of pandering to the abortion industry.

We have been telling you that President Biden has decided against nominating a public health professional to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and has instead nominated Xavier Becerra—a lifelong politician with no public health experience and a long track record of radical hostility to the pro-life community—to the post.

We’ve been raising the alarm on the dangers of this nominee; but unfortunately, the Senate Finance Committee has decided to forward Mr. Becerra’s nomination on to the full Senate. It has done so despite the fact that not a single Republican on the committee supported Mr. Becerra, resulting in a 14-14 deadlock in the committee.

This action means that a vote in the full U.S. Senate is imminent.

We have just delivered a letter to the full U.S. Senate outlining why Mr. Becerra is the wrong pick and is not qualified for this job. As we wrote in the letter:

After careful review, we do not believe Mr. Becerra is well suited for this important role, especially at this critical juncture in our nation’s history. Our conclusion is based on three primary concerns: 1) Mr. Becerra does not possess the requisite public health experience necessary in a time of pandemic, 2) Mr. Becerra has a well-documented history of hostility to the rights of the pre-born that is out of the American mainstream, and 3) Mr. Becerra does not satisfy President Biden’s pledge to seek unity and common ground with his cabinet selections.

Each of these three points is clearly true and disqualifying on its own merit. But even for those who disagree with our view about the value of a pre-born life, there is no mistaking the reality that Mr. Becerra does not enjoy bipartisan support and does not have any public health experience that would lend itself to helping our county emerge from the current pandemic.

To put it simply, there is only one conclusion that is appropriate for the U.S. Senate to draw. As we wrote:

In light of these concerns, should President Biden refuse to withdraw [Mr. Becerra’s] nomination, it is incumbent on the U.S. Senate to deny his confirmation, and to insist on a replacement nominee with more appropriate qualifications.

The outcome of this nomination hangs by a thread. In fact, it will very likely come down to a single vote in the U.S. Senate. Join us in demanding that the U.S. Senate reject Xavier Becerra’s nomination and insist on a more appropriately qualified replacement. Add your voice and sign our petition now.

Stop Biden’s Pro-Abortion, Anti-Life HHS Nominee Becerra

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