The abortion industry is attempting to censor, silence, and shut down the lifesaving work of pro-life pregnancy centers.

Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America are conspiring with pro-abortion legislators all across America to stop pro-life centers’ lifesaving work. Sen. Warren says she will "shut them down." And pro-abortion terrorists are firebombing these lifesaving centers.

President Biden has issued a dangerous Executive order to empower his pro-abortion bureaucracy, including HHS Secretary Becerra, to launch a targeted attack to intimidate and shut down pro-life centers.

We’ve faced and defeated these unconstitutional anti-pro-life speech regulations in the past, including from Becerra himself, and we’re preparing to do so again.

If these pro-abortion actions stand, vital pro-life work will be silenced and babies will die.

We’re about to take legal action to defend pro-life pregnancy centers and defeat these pro-abortion attacks. Take action with us.

Petition To Protect Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

To State and Local Legislatures and Federal Agencies:

Pro-life speech is constitutionally protected, and pro-life pregnancy centers have the right to save lives in every city in the nation.


Pro Life

Stop the Shutdown of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

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