The abortion industry is not only killing innocent babies, it’s unconstitutionally silencing lifesaving speech.

The abortion lobby has found a way to manipulate the law, making it illegal to try to save babies’ lives outside Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinics.

They’re called “bubble zones.” And they target and ban one-on-one pro-life speech – sidewalk counseling – within a certain distance from abortion clinics. These laws are unconstitutional.

Yet a dangerous decision from the Supreme Court decades ago distorted the First Amendment, allowing some of these anti-life speech zones.

We know just how bad it is because we argued the case. The Court’s ruling in Hill v. Colorado was a terrible example of the abortion distortion factor. The law and the Constitution are somehow different when abortion is concerned.

Now, in overruling Roe, the Supreme Court has agreed with us that Hill and the abortion distortion must be relegated to the dustbin of history. We're appealing new cases – that could quickly head to the Supreme Court – to end the abortion distortion and protect pro-life speech once and for all.

Countless lives could be saved. But now we need your voice, so that life won’t be silenced.

Committee To End the Abortion Distortion and Stop Unconstitutionally Silencing Lifesaving Speech


Pro Life

Stop the Abortion Distortion From Silencing Life

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