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We at the ACLJ are constantly fighting for the unborn.

On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed a series of cases we are engaged in, fighting for the unborn and Virginia’s new abortion constitutional amendment.

A lot of these cases have huge ramifications but we’re looking at the first case on the issue of abortion that has Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh actually on the Court.

Who is the main adversary here? As you know, we had a trial in California that went on for almost six weeks. The case was brought by Planned Parenthood. They tried to shut down the ability of investigative journalism to take place. The court issued a series of adverse rulings during the proceeding and the jury came back with a verdict that we think is wrong, including fines against our client which are now being appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

I want to start with, who we’re dealing with here and that is Planned Parenthood.

I asked ACLJ Senior Counsel CeCe Heil to describe Planned Parenthood:

The biggest provider of abortion in the world, probably. They will do whatever it takes to stay in business. They will fight tooth and nail and they will do that proactively. Every time we have some kind of abortion issue, Planned Parenthood is almost always the opponent on the other side.

When you’re dealing with Planned Parenthood it’s always about the abortion distortion. The rules change when it comes to abortion, especially when Planned Parenthood is involved.

Jordan Sekulow made the following point:

Every normal court procedure goes out the door. Rules go out the door. Jury instructions go out the door. How you would treat information and when it comes to what kind of standards of care has got to operate under when they have these facilities performing actual abortion procedures; that gets thrown out the window.

Everything. That’s why we call it the abortion distortion. It’s with the judges, with the legal standards, is that abortion gets treated differently.

What we’re seeing now is these moves, like in Virginia, to make an actual state constitutionally protected right to abortion. That’s when you get into real abortion distortion issues, because they’re going to claim in court that in Virginia it’s a constitutional right, which means it’s going to be put under this kind of scrutiny. What does that mean? Abortion on demand until the baby’s literally being born.

They’re going to amend the constitution of Virginia? We at the ACLJ will be fighting against that and continue to fight in court to protect the rights of the unborn.

Your support of the ACLJ makes a huge difference in our ongoing fight to stand for life.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

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