Not a single penny of our tax dollars should support abortion. Period.

We shouldn’t be forced to fund Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and those who promote abortion – internationally.

President Biden and the extreme abortion lobby not only want our tax dollars to cover abortions here at home, but also want us to pay for abortions all over the world.

For decades we’ve been fighting to stop Americans from being forced to pay for abortion. The Trump Administration reinstated the Mexico City Policy – now called Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance – to stop funding abortions overseas. It has been expanded to prohibit international taxpayer dollars from supporting grants, organizations, and even contractors who support, promote, or recommend abortion.

Now, the ACLJ is filing critical legal comments supporting a new regulation extending this international pro-life policy and fighting to block the Biden Administration from forcing you to pay for abortions.

It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry internationally. No U.S. aid should be used to fund overseas abortions or fund grants and contracts that might benefit the global abortion industry or promote the killing of unborn babies. Take action with us.

Petition To Stop Our Tax Dollars From Paying for, Supporting, or Promoting Abortion Internationally


Pro Life

Don’t Allow U.S. Tax Dollars To Fund International Abortion

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