Roe v. Wade is gone. But the radical pro-abortion Left is seething, frantically trying to force EVERY state to expand abortion.

Here's what we're up against. Radical Left governors are trying to block their own states' pro-life laws. Other states are trying to radically expand abortion through birth – for any reason – including legalizing infanticide. The abortion industry has unleashed a blitzkrieg of lawsuits in state courts to block abortion bans. And President Biden is demanding the Senate nuke the filibuster to unconstitutionally codify Roe.

After successfully fighting over 30 years to end Roe, the Supreme Court has now agreed with our arguments and amicus briefs. But now this is a state-by-state fight, and the biggest battle for life we've ever faced.

We've launched a 50-state campaign to defend babies and defeat abortion. We've just released our legal analysis of every state's abortion laws, and we're aggressively engaging legally and legislatively nationwide, but we urgently need your voice. Together, we're these babies' last line of defense. Take action with us.

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Defend Life, Defeat Abortion in All 50 States

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