President Biden is launching a massive effort to radically EXPAND abortion.

He has weaponized his DOJ and FBI to carry out a vendetta – targeting and arresting pro-life Americans – in retaliation for the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe.

Biden is expanding taxpayer funding for abortion. He is empowering his Deep State agencies to perform abortions, shut down pro-life pregnancy centers, file lawsuits, and help Planned Parenthood defeat us. He’s trying to make Roe permanent.

Biden’s HHS – the most pro-abortion in history – is slashing restrictions on abortion and protections for women. Biden is enacting rule changes that will allow abortion pills to be dispensed by mail and by major drugstores for use at home, not doctors’ offices.

We are engaged in our largest effort ever to defend life and stop the most pro-abortion President in history. We’re filing formal public legal comments, FOIAs, and legal demand letters. We’re filing lawsuits and preparing amicus briefs across the country.

Together, we’re unborn babies’ last defense in court. And THEY need YOU. Take urgent action with us.

Petition To Defeat President Biden’s Expansion of Abortion and Defend Unborn Babies



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Defeat Biden’s Expansion of Abortion

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