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Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Wins a Stay

By CeCe Heil1389903561000

Pro-life pregancy centers have won a major victory, at least for now, over an intrusive, pro-abortion witch hunt.

Today, a judge from the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division, Second Department granted a temporary stay regarding the New York Attorney General’s subpoena requesting documents from our client The Evergreen Association, Inc., (Evergreen). Evergreen operates 10 Crisis Pregnancy Centers in New York and has been very effective in combating abortions in New York City for over 27 years.

This subpoena was issued by Attorney General Schneiderman who has close ties to pro-abortion organizations such as NARAL, who calls Schneiderman a “friend and ally”. Undoubtedly this alliance is in part due to his father’s position as a former Chairman of NARAL’s board and its largest donor. It is important to note that the subpoena is essentially identical to a subpoena sent to our client in 2002, which was withdrawn by the Attorney General because there was no basis for an investigation.

Without providing the legally required factual basis, the subpoena demands numerous categories of documents concerning all of our client’s internal affairs, its corporate structure, operating procedures, personal information concerning all its personnel, including volunteers, internal email addresses, literature, advertising and advocacy statements. Believing this subpoena violates Evergreen’s rights protected by the 1st and 4th Amendments and is overly broad in its scope, we filed a motion to quash the subpoena. Although a lower court ordered Evergreen to comply with the subpoena, we immediately filed an appeal and requested a stay. Today, a temporary stay was granted and the Attorney General was given until January 24th to answer. This is a huge victory in our battle to protect life.

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