Big Victory Against National Archives


Jordan Sekulow

February 16, 2023

3 min read

Pro Life



We’ve got our first big victory to announce in our lawsuit against the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for harassing and kicking out pro-life visitors after the March for Life in Washington, and it was a very swift win at that.

The government has just agreed to enter into a consent order and preliminary injunction, which will stop NARA from targeting pro-lifers again.

We told you how we filed two different lawsuits – one against the Smithsonian and the other against NARA – for targeting and harassing pro-lifers, including kids and grandparents.

Now we’ve obtained our first win in the NARA case, where a grandmother (our client) and her granddaughter were told to cover up or else remove their pro-life shirts – imagine someone telling your grandmother that in a public, federally funded museum. It’s inexcusable.

As we stated in our complaint:

Defendants unlawfully deprived Plaintiffs of their First Amendment rights to engage in protected speech and expression in violation of the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.

Defendants’ restriction on Plaintiffs’ speech is content and viewpoint-based and demonstrates a concerted effort to single out, embarrass, intimidate, exclude, and ultimately silence the message expressed by Plaintiffs in wearing their “pro-life” clothing and other attire. . . . Defendants knew, or reasonably should have known, that their conduct would violate Plaintiffs’ federal constitutional rights.

But that wasn’t the only action we took, as we explained on

Following the filing of the lawsuit, our legal team immediately went to work preparing a motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to prohibit Defendants from engaging in the same conduct again throughout the duration of the lawsuit. A restraining order and/or injunction is necessary here because two of our clients have plans to return to the National Archives soon – one as early as the end of this week – and we want to ensure that they are not targeted, humiliated, and silenced again during their visits.

Now the government has agreed to enter into a consent order requiring them to allow pro-lifers into NARA facilities without issue and to provide every security officer and other visitor-facing employee with a copy of the consent order. And as we demanded, NARA also has to apologize to our client for the stress and humiliation that was inflicted upon her and her granddaughter.

We’ve continually told you how the radical Left worships at the altar of abortion. Attacking kids, students, and grandparents, let alone any pro-life individuals or groups, is just the latest demonstration of the radical Left’s depravity when it comes to pushing its extreme anti-Life agenda. This is a big win and a clear message to the Deep State: Leave pro-lifers alone.

Now NARA agreed not to harass or throw out anyone for being pro-life, but the case is not over. We’re taking the Deep State to court to find out where the order to target and remove pro-lifers came from and who else knew about it. This is just one of many coordinated efforts to harass and abuse pro-lifers in federally funded institutions. That directive came from someone, and whoever it was must be held accountable.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes further analysis of this consent order, this particular case, and our lawsuit against the Smithsonian for the same targeted harassment of pro-lifers. We’re also joined by several special guests, including Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Claudia Tenney, and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo.

Watch the full broadcast below: