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Abortion Without Shame?

By Nicole Smith1443451122553

Seattle writer Lindy West, in the wake of the “misogynist crusade to defund Planned Parenthood” and after realizing she’d never shared her own abortion story even within the comfort of her progressive circle, suddenly was on a mission.

Suddenly she could remain silent no longer.  Society must be stripped of its ignorance.  Abortion must be stripped of the stigma surrounding it.  She was just the woman for the job.  And so the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign was born (pun most certainly intended).

This campaign’s purpose, according to West, is to give women who have had an abortion the platform to unapologetically shout their abortion “success” stories.  To enlighten the masses that abortion is not, in fact, lose.  That abortion is gain.  That abortion does not come with guilt or shame.  That in reality, abortion is about empowerment.

And in order to be a properly empowered woman, abortion must be on demand, whenever you want, and for whatever reason.  Without apology.

So, whatever happened to the pro-abortion mantra of safe, rare, and legal? 

Before the pro-abortion lobby tried to keep the “shameful” abortions—abortions committed for career or personal advancement—out of the public eye. #ShoutYourAbortion is attempting to remove the “shame” from all brands of abortion by putting it squarely in the face of every American.

But the reality is, #ShoutYourAbortion is a charade.  It covers up the guilt; it doesn’t remove it.  It doesn’t change the reality that abortion is painful; it merely masks the pain that mothers who have aborted their children endure.  

It is not the truth.

The truth is—no matter how hard it is to accept in the moment you’ve found yourself pregnant in the worst of circumstances—a life is a life. 

It’s a truth Lori Sanders faced, as she states here, when she found herself pregnant at the worst possible time in life: “For one who was dedicating her future to the idea that society should take responsibility for the ills it had created, how could I deny my responsibility to the life growing inside me?”

The answer is that you can’t.  The truth is the truth, no matter how difficult it is to accept, and no amount of shouting will ever change it. 

Lori Sanders understood that.  Even as a progressive.  Even with being pro-choice. 

And now after choosing not to have an abortion, she’s shouting her son’s life.
Will you, like Lori, defend life?  Join with us. 
Every life matters, no matter how small.

Stop Harvesting Aborted Babies’ Organs

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