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NY Abortion Law Forces Dropped Charge in Brutal Murder

By Jordan Sekulow1550262108389

We told you that New York’s barbaric abortion law would have real life (and death) consequences. Unfortunately, we’re already seeing the first evidence of that. An unspeakably savage crime that’s hard to even comprehend, let alone describe, will now go unpunished. A man attacked his pregnant...

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Stop Forcing Us to Pay for Abortion Insurance


No one should be forced to pay for abortion, and no one should have to subsidize abortion through their insurance plan either. Right now, most insurance plans offered under ObamaCare include abortion...


The Left’s Troubled Past of Abortion and Eugenics

By Jordan Sekulow1549638243642

The stunning developments of recent days out of Virginia with an extremist abortion-through-birth bill, the governor promoting infanticide, and a total collapse of the top three pro-abortion elected officials, remind us of the Left’s troubled past. First, I detailed exactly what happened in...

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Exposing the Abortion Industry’s Control Over New York Law

By Benjamin P. Sisney1549638000000

You’ve read about the shocking legislation abortion advocates passed in New York: the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), that removed New York’s restrictions on abortion and would allow abortion up to the moment of birth. You’ve also heard about how Virginia’s Governor and legislators – bought and paid...

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Defend Pro-Life Laws at the Supreme Court


As radical late-term abortion laws are being passed in some states, other states are fighting to protect life. The abortion industry will not allow a single commonsense pro-life law - even basic...


ACLJ Submits Testimony Opposing Barbaric Vermont Bill

By CeCe Heil1549554680278

Today, we submitted our written testimony regarding “Vermont’s Public Hearing on (H.57), An act relating to preserving the right to abortion.” Following the lead of New York, Vermont is considering its own legislation expanding abortion rights. This comes as no surprise as NARAL Pro-Choice America...

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Protect Abortion Survivors Now


Every year babies are born alive, despite attempted abortions. Some are left to die without the medical care that could save them. Others are killed by abortionists like Kermit Gosnell who was...


President Calls for Late-Term Abortion Ban at SOTU

By Matthew Clark1549492452943

As I watched the State of the Union address, it hit me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a President make such a bold and compelling case in defense of life and to end horrific late-term abortions in the State of the Union address. President Trump’s powerful words are worth reading again: There could...

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U.S. Senate Fails to Defend Infants Born Alive

By Nathanael Bennett1549402192009

A newborn baby has just been delivered. Breath has filled her lungs for the first time, and she is crying as oxygen replaces amniotic fluid and rushes over her vocal chords. She is alive in every way. She has a heartbeat. She is breathing. She feels pain. She has a soul, and is made in the image of...

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ACLJ Decries Dismemberment Abortion to the Supreme Court

By Walter M. Weber1549316289291

In light of the disturbing new late-term abortion law in New York and the promotion of infanticide by the Governor of Virginia in the last week, the ravenousness of the abortion lobby has been on full display. Another graphic example of the brutality of the abortion industry is the abhorrent...

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VA Bill Could Allow Infanticide?

By Matthew Clark1549055718800

The pro-abortion Left has unleashed a new assault on the lives of babies. They’ve fully embraced abortion on demand at any point in pregnancy and possibly even after birth. Their evil is being enacted into law and exposed all at the same time. On the heels of New York passing one of the most...

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JSL: Proposed VA Bill to Allow Abortion During Delivery

By Jay Sekulow1548965333627

With the recently passed law in New York allowing for late-term abortion, and new legislation being considered by other states, the U.S. is now on par with countries like China and North Korea in our abortion policies. That should disturb you. On today’s show, we talked about another late-term...

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JSL: More States Introduce Extreme Abortion Bills

By Jay Sekulow1548877740056

Last week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered a celebration of the state’s barbaric new abortion law, lighting up the spire of Freedom Tower pink – a building which stands over the 9/11 Memorial dedicated to every victim of the vicious terrorist attack, including 11 unborn babies . Today on the...

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Stop Barbaric New Abortion Laws


The state of New York just passed one of the most barbaric abortion laws in U.S. history, essentially making it legal to abort a baby at any stage of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth. It even...


NY Governor Signs Law Allowing Abortions Up to Birth

By CeCe Heil1548784903454

It’s almost impossible to fathom, but the state of New York just decided that your life does not begin until, and unless, you’re lucky enough to be born. Incredibly, not only did Governor Cuomo sign possibly the most disgusting pro-abortion bill in the 46 years since Roe v. Wade , he also...

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Demanding Contract Records for Aborted Baby Body Parts

By Benjamin P. Sisney1548774000000

In the Fall of last year, shocking reports surfaced detailing the incredibly disturbing experimentation currently being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH): Using the body parts of aborted babies, the NIH is creating “humanized mice” for “HIV therapeutics development.” That’s your...

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JSL: New York Passes Most Barbaric Abortion Law in History

By Jay Sekulow1548704650904

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I believe it’s the most barbaric abortion law that’s ever been passed. It allows for infanticide in my view. Today on the broadcast, we discussed a new law just signed by New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo that essentially legalizes abortion all the way up to the...

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Planned Parenthood’s Newest Report Exposes Its Lies

By Olivia Summers1548261941767

Planned Parenthood has just issued its 2017-2018 report , and once again it distorts facts and manipulates numbers in order to hide the truth behind its real agenda: profiting from the death of innocent babies. Here are some fast facts from the latest annual report : 332,757 abortions performed –

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HHS: Targeting Pro-Life Centers Violates Federal Law

By Francis J. Manion1548169200000

Recently, we told you about our important victory in a First Amendment lawsuit we filed against the State of California’s misguided attempt to force pro-life pregnancy care centers to act as referral agencies for the abortion industry. That case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court which...

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Texas Court Decision Against Planned Parenthood

By Erik Zimmerman1548086550473

In Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas v. Smith , the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently threw out an injunction that had been issued in favor of several Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas. The decision should be helpful in the ongoing battle to hold Planned...

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