Dead Babies Don’t Cry


Nathanael Bennett

April 24, 2013

3 min read

Pro Life



I have a news flash for the abortion industry:

Dead babies don’t cry.

Neither do dead babies moan, move, or breathe. 

It sends a chill down my spine to even have to write these words, but dead babies are just that – dead.  And if you just so happen to be a late-term abortionist who is holding a dead baby in your hands, there would be no reason for you to sever that dead baby’s spinal cord.  No reason at all.  Because remember, the baby is dead.

And yet, Jack McMahon, defense attorney in the Philadelphia trial where Kermit Gosnell is accused of multiple murders, is claiming just that.  Despite the fact that multiple employees of the abortion facility testified that babies cried, breathed, moved and moaned outside of the womb before having their spinal cords severed by GosnellMr. McMahon told the court that all of these babies were already dead.  Shockingly, Mr. McMahon did not dispute the employees’ accounts when making this wild claim.  No, instead he uttered this profound and sickening excuse:

                  If we are going in this room to say a baby is born alive because it moves one time without any other movement, that is ludicrous.

So, even in the face of strong eyewitness evidence of life from numerous employees, Kermit Gosnell has decided to claim that all of these babies were already dead.

This, of course, brings us back to the question of why it was necessary to violently sever the spinal cords of these babies.  The clear answer, Mr. Gosnell, is that you knew these babies were alive.  You knew they were alive and you wanted them dead.  So you severed their spines, just to be sure.  Does that sound impossible?  Actually, it is exactly what Mr. McMahon is arguing –that Gosnell just wanted to be sure.

You heard that correctly – the best defense that Gosnell can come up with is that he severed the spines of babies who should have been dead, but might not be, and he wanted to make sure.  Lost on him was the fact that those babies were moving, breathing and crying.

So again I say that I have news for Mr. Gosnell, Mr. McMahon, and the rest of the pro-abortion community.  Those babies were alive.  And while you may have deceived yourself on the question of whether or not there is life within the womb, there is one fact that you cannot escape:

Dead babies don’t cry.