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Take Action to Dismantle ObamaCare


America is fed up with this. It’s time for action on healthcare. Congress colossally failed us. The Senate botched a critical opportunity. ObamaCare is still crushing America’s healthcare – skyrocketing premiums, insurance bailouts, pro-abortion mandates, collapsing accesses to care. We’re urging the President to take direct Executive action to undo some of the massive failures of ObamaCare. Already the Trump Administration has refused to penalize hardworking Americans with ObamaCare mandate... read more

Defend Babies’ Right to Life at the U.N.


Babies are being slaughtered worldwide at a horrific pace. It’s estimated that 28 million babies have already been aborted this year across the globe – Planned Parenthood alone murdered over a million. Every life is precious. Every baby deserves to live. Now we have an opportunity to act. The world has recognized a right to life through the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Yet the U.N. Human Rights Committee is rewriting the definition of the “right to life” to mean... read more

Stop Senate Bigotry Against Christian Judges


The Left has unleashed a religious inquisition on Christian judges. It’s unconstitutional anti-Christian bigotry in the U.S. Senate. Senator Durbin harassed one of President Trump’s judicial nominees for living out her Christian faith. Senator Feinstein astoundingly attacked, “The dogma lives loudly within you.” They questioned her fitness to serve as a judge because of her “religious beliefs” as a Christian. Professor Amy Barrett, President Trump’s nominee to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, read more

Investigate Fired FBI Dir. Comey’s Crimes


This level of lies and lawlessness deserves an investigation. Fired FBI Director James Comey broke the sacred trust of the American people. But more than that, he broke the law. Fired FBI Director Comey conducted a faux investigation into Hillary Clinton. He prejudged and predetermined the outcome of an FBI criminal investigation long before Clinton and at least 16 other key witnesses were even interviewed. He made secret deals to destroy evidence, thwarting congressional subpoenas. He rewrote... read more

Defend Dying Christians in Pakistan


Pakistan is one of the most pernicious persecutors of Christians ever. Pakistani Christians are tortured, raped, and burned alive. Some – like Christian mother of five Asia Bibi – are falsely accused of blasphemy and sentenced to execution by hanging because of their faith. Others face mob violence and governmental abuse and injustice. Despite the increasing extremism, the Pakistani government persistently fails to protect Christians from violence or bring its perpetrators to justice. Even... read more

Investigate Former Attorney General Lynch


It’s a shocking revelation that must be investigated. Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch meddled in the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. She instructed the FBI Director to call the criminal investigation a “matter,” not an investigation – political spin being used by the Clinton campaign. She reportedly assured leftist operatives close to the Clinton campaign that she “would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far.” Even worse, she held a secret closed-door meeting... read more

Protect Pastors’ Free Speech


The free speech of pastors in the pulpit is being eviscerated. President Trump issued an Executive Order to defend religious liberty and protect pastors. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) immediately filed a lawsuit to defeat the Religious Liberty Order and expand their vicious intimidation campaign to censor pastors. The Johnson Amendment punishes pastors for any speech construed as political campaign activity in churches. It even limits non-profits like the ACLJ. Even worse, this... read more

Defend Free Speech from Extinction


Free Speech is under blistering attack. On university campuses, leftist administrators are capitulating to violent mobs – silencing, censoring, and squelching free speech. Conservatives face vehement violence. Jewish students and Christians face anti-Semitic discrimination and bullying. The radical Left and the mainstream media are using propaganda, lies, and fake news to destroy freedom. The abortion industry is waging warfare through the law to muzzle the pro-life movement. Enough is enough. read more

Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks.


Babies feel pain as they are gruesomely murdered in the womb. It’s horrendous, but it’s legal. We’re fighting to ban this abhorrent practice. States nationwide are passing laws to ban abortions after 20 weeks – when science has proven babies can feel pain. Yet, the abortion industry has teamed up with the pro-abortion ACLU to viciously attack these bills – trying to kill these pro-life laws before they pass and defeat them in court. We’re aggressively fighting back – in court, in the... read more

Stop the Shadow Government


It's an unprecedented bureaucratic coup undermining our security. The Obama Administration took action to empower the entrenched bureaucracy to subvert our national security right before leaving office. It has led to dangerous leaks, criminal violations of the Espionage Act, and the creation of a shadow government to sabotage the new Administration. We discovered that about two weeks before the Obama Administration left office, it rewrote the national security rulebook to share intercepted... read more