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Appoint a Constitutional Conservative to the Supreme Court


This is the fight of a lifetime. It could be a historic shift on the Supreme Court. The President must appoint and the Senate must confirm a constitutional conservative Justice. The next Supreme Court Justice could determine some of the most monumental issues of our time: abortion, religious liberty, national security, and free speech. Many of these issues are ALREADY pending before the Supreme Court as it begins its next term. The time to nominate and confirm is now. The Left knows this and is... read more

Protect American History and Monuments from Cancel Culture


The Mayor of D.C. is trying to tear down the Washington Monument. It’s absolutely infuriating. The Mayor is demanding we “remove” the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Benjamin Franklin statue, and other landmarks in our nation’s capital. The Mayor’s D.C. Faces report finds that we must “remove, relocate, or contextualize” these historic and foundational monuments and memorials. This D.C. Faces report actually defaces history. Cancel culture is out of control. We cannot allow the... read more

Stop Speaker Pelosi’s Mail-In Political Plot


House Speaker Pelosi is again weaponizing the Coronavirus to push her extreme agenda on America. Speaker Pelosi is refusing to extend the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or provide new Coronavirus stimulus to the American people facing this pandemic. She sent Congress home. But now she is RUSHING Congress back to Washington to throw billions of our tax dollars at the Postal Service for unregulated mail-in voting. The opportunity for fraud is at an all-time high. At the ACLJ, we’re mobilizing... read more

If Pandemic Closes Schools, Put Kids 1st – Give Parents Options


If schools don’t reopen due to the Coronavirus crisis, what about the kids? The ACLJ is working to offer relief to parents and students to keep education first. Teachers unions and the far Left are trying to restrict educational options at the exact moment we need them the most. Many parents (including single moms and dads) can’t stay home. Some homes don’t have proper Internet access or essential equipment like laptops for their kids. Some rely on meals provided at school. Our tax dollars are... read more

No Abortion Funding in U.N. Coronavirus Aid


First it was House Speaker Pelosi. Now the U.N. is weaponizing the Coronavirus crisis to fund the abortion agenda. Right now, vital Coronavirus aid funding needed to address an international pandemic-related food shortage is being held up by a U.N. Commission and extreme pro-abortion Member States because they are demanding abortion funding in the package. They’re using children’s lives as collateral, letting them starve to death if the plan doesn’t include funds to kill unborn babies. This is... read more

Stop Turkey From Turning Historic Christian Church Into a Mosque


This is an attack on the Christian faith. Hagia Sophia (named after God’s Holy Wisdom) in Istanbul was originally built as a Christian church, about 500 years after Christ walked among us, and has also served at the center of Orthodox Christianity. It’s been designated as a U.N. World Heritage Site. Now, it’s being turned into a Muslim mosque for the second time in its history. Its beautiful Christian mosaics will be covered up or even sandblasted – literally covering up the story of the... read more

Don’t Ban Singing in Church


Radical Left-run states are banning singing in church. This is a blatant violation of our religious free exercise and free speech. The Coronavirus pandemic is real, and no community has done more to be flexible and ensure the health and safety of their congregants than churches all across America. We all want to keep America safe, and the ACLJ has been hard at work to do that. But NOTHING should be allowed to trample our constitutional rights. The radical Left has gone too far. Banning singing... read more

Demand School Choice - Give Every Child Justice


Underperforming public schools – especially in disadvantaged communities – are crushing kids’ future. For decades, the “progressive” Left has shoveled trillions of tax dollars into failing public schools, hoping the problem would fix itself. But underperforming public schools continue setting students up for generational failure. Justice requires equality of opportunity in education. And that begins with school choice. At the ACLJ, we have launched our School Choice Initiative to ensure that... read more

Vote on Critical Police Reform


We’ve all seen the urgent need for police reform. Our communities deserve to feel safe. Period. Any officer who uses brutality or excessive force must be held accountable. The vast majority of police officers in this country are good. But it is clear that police departments need assistance and guidance to do their job properly. Defunding the police is NOT the solution. We need reform in police training, use of force, and procedural policy. President Trump’s Executive Order on police reform and... read more

Stop Attacks on Prayer & Faith During the Pandemic


Atheists and the radical Left are using the Coronavirus pandemic to attack prayer and push an anti-Christian agenda. The ACLJ is battling these attempts to weaponize the COVID-19 crisis against faith. We’ve been contacted by a number of public officials who have been harassed by an anti-Christian organization called the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) because they OFFERED PRAYER or other expressions of faith for the families they serve. FFRF even sent a harassing letter to one governor... read more