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Investigate Deep State Spying on Political Enemies


“I think there was spying.” These words by the Attorney General should send shockwaves through America. American citizens – and even possibly a political campaign – were spied on, and the only question is whether it was “adequately predicated.” In other words, was proper procedure followed, or was there rampant political bias and Deep State abuse of our legal system? We’ve long warned of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) abuses by the Deep State bureaucracy. We’ve been fully engaged... read more

Recognize Israel’s Sovereignty and Right to Defend Itself


Israel is under constant, devastating rocket attacks. It captured the Golan Heights in 1967 when it was attacked by Syria – as a key defensive position. This elevated region in the northern part of Israel is critical to its safety and security. It can either be used to protect Israel or to rain down terror upon the Israeli people. It must remain under Israeli control and sovereignty. We’ve been fighting for decades – all across the globe – to defend Israel’s interests and sovereignty at the... read more

Confirm Conservative Judges Now


The Left knows the best way to advance its radical agenda is to block qualified conservative judges. This time it’s making a concerted effort to defeat and delay the confirmation of federal appellate and district court judges. Radical Senators have even attacked the faith of Christian nominees. Since taking office, the President has nominated over 150 eminently qualified, conservative judges, including 2 Supreme Court Justices, yet dozens of key judicial seats remain empty because the Senate... read more

Censure Anti-Semitism in Congress


Anti-Semitism has no place – especially in Congress. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN) has repeatedly engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric. She said that support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins” – a bigoted accusation that Jews control all the money. She’s attacked Jews and anyone who supports Israel as having a dual allegiance – another anti-Semitic trope. Someone espousing these bigoted views should not have access to classified information and sit on the Foreign Affairs Committee. At the... read more

Stop the Radical Left’s Socialist Agenda


America must NEVER be a socialist nation. Yet the radical Left is trying to force a new socialist agenda on the American people – the Green New Deal and other extreme measures. The socialist new deal would get rid of planes and, yes, cows; create single-payer, government-run health care for all; and force taxpayers to provide an income to people “unwilling to work.” It’s socialism – plain and simple. We already know the radical Left has embraced born-alive abortion and the anti-Semitic, read more

Stop Forcing Us to Pay for Abortion Insurance


No one should be forced to pay for abortion, and no one should have to subsidize abortion through their insurance plan either. Right now, most insurance plans offered under ObamaCare include abortion coverage. So pro-life Americans are being forced to pay for abortion. There are states where there is not a single pro-life insurance option. The Left claims to be “pro-choice,” but it’s forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion services. More abortion paid for by you. This MUST end now. We’re... read more

Defend Pro-Life Laws at the Supreme Court


As radical late-term abortion laws are being passed in some states, other states are fighting to protect life. The abortion industry will not allow a single commonsense pro-life law - even basic health and safety regulations on abortion. Period. Louisiana passed a pro-life law that requires abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges to protect health and safety. Now the abortion lobby is fighting to strike it down at the Supreme Court. It could well be the biggest abortion case of the... read more

Protect Abortion Survivors Now


Every year babies are born alive, despite attempted abortions. Some are left to die without the medical care that could save them. Others are killed by abortionists like Kermit Gosnell who was convicted of killing babies born alive after botched abortions. In fact, one state’s governor just promoted a barbaric bill that could allow for infanticide. Every baby deserves a chance at life. Every baby deserves medical care and legal protections. We are demanding Congress pass the Born-Alive Abortion... read more

Stop Discrimination Against Churches


Churches face a new wave of targeted discrimination. Local governments and municipalities are barring churches and religious schools from using their own property for religious activities and education. Zoning ordinances and decisions are being used to discriminate against Christian organizations. Whether motivated by personal biases against churches and religious organizations or an ever-growing desire for tax revenue, these local bureaucrats are violating federal law. Federal law – the... read more

Stop Barbaric New Abortion Laws


The state of New York just passed one of the most barbaric abortion laws in U.S. history, essentially making it legal to abort a baby at any stage of pregnancy, up to the moment of birth. It even removes legal protections for babies born alive from botched abortions. Now other states are trying to do the same thing. We’ve assembled our legal team to fight back: We are preparing to send records demands under state sunshine and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws to expose exactly how involved... read more