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Demand School Choice - Give Every Child Justice


Underperforming public schools – especially in disadvantaged communities – are crushing kids’ future. For decades, the “progressive” Left has shoveled trillions of tax dollars into failing public schools, hoping the problem would fix itself. But underperforming public schools continue setting students up for generational failure. Justice requires equality of opportunity in education. And that begins with school choice. At the ACLJ, we have launched our School Choice Initiative to ensure that... read more

Vote on Critical Police Reform


We’ve all seen the urgent need for police reform. Our communities deserve to feel safe. Period. Any officer who uses brutality or excessive force must be held accountable. The vast majority of police officers in this country are good. But it is clear that police departments need assistance and guidance to do their job properly. Defunding the police is NOT the solution. We need reform in police training, use of force, and procedural policy. President Trump’s Executive Order on police reform and... read more

Stop Attacks on Prayer & Faith During the Pandemic


Atheists and the radical Left are using the Coronavirus pandemic to attack prayer and push an anti-Christian agenda. The ACLJ is battling these attempts to weaponize the COVID-19 crisis against faith. We’ve been contacted by a number of public officials who have been harassed by an anti-Christian organization called the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) because they OFFERED PRAYER or other expressions of faith for the families they serve. FFRF even sent a harassing letter to one governor... read more

Don’t Exploit COVID-19 to Expand Abortion


The pro-abortion Left and Planned Parenthood are trying to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic to expand abortion. We’ve been warning you about this, and now we are seeing it yet again. Pro-abortion attorneys general from Left-leaning states have written a demand letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), trying to force it to expand the use of dangerous abortion pills. We often say that Planned Parenthood and the radical Left worship at the altar of abortion. This is the kind of evil we... read more

Stop the Radical Left from Using a Pandemic to Force Its Agenda


The radical Left is weaponizing the Coronavirus to force its extreme agenda on America. An extreme Left, George Soros-funded group is trying to use the Coronavirus “to abolish the family." And the liberal New York Times published an Op-Ed actually blaming Christians for the Coronavirus. House Speaker Pelosi and her radical lieutenants in the House want to use this pandemic to “restructure things to fit our vision.” This radical “vision” is exactly what we’ve been warning about. We’re working... read more

Shut Down Planned Parenthood’s Abortions


Numerous states are banning elective procedures – including elective abortions – in an effort to protect public safety and to conserve critically needed medical equipment to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. But Planned Parenthood is refusing to comply, still performing elective abortions. This is infuriating. Planned Parenthood (which kills nearly 950 babies a day) can’t be given a free pass to take lives and put more people at risk while the rest of the country is working to SAVE lives. We’re... read more

Condemn Rep. Tlaib’s Attack on Prayer


Representative Rashida Tlaib unleashed a profanity-laced attack on the National Day of Prayer. The President rightly declared a National Day of Prayer yesterday in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Yet Rep. Tlaib – who just promoted erasing Israel from the map and replacing it with “Palestine” – shockingly responded to a national call to prayer over the Coronavirus by retweeting “[Expletive] a National Day of Prayer.” This isn’t just insensitive, it’s a shocking perversion... read more

No Abortion Funding in Coronavirus Bill


Speaker Nancy Pelosi is weaponizing the Coronavirus crisis to fund the abortion agenda. This is demonic. Right now, the vital funding package needed to address the Coronavirus is being held up by Speaker Pelosi and the extreme pro-abortion Left because they are demanding abortion funding in the bill. This is literally worshiping at the altar of abortion. Speaker Pelosi says the bill is about “testing,” “it’s about seniors and people with disabilities.” But she is hiding something horrific. read more

Defend Churches, Religious Organizations at Supreme Court


Religious liberty is under direct assault. And churches and religious schools are the target. Churches and religious organizations have a constitutional right to ensure that their employees follow their faith. Imagine if a church couldn’t fire a pastor who rejected God or a religious school teacher who taught against the Church’s faith. The Ministerial Exception is the constitutionally based principle that protects churches and religious organizations’ right to hire and fire based on their... read more

End Obama-Era Anti-Religious Liberty Rule


It’s time for Obama-era anti-religious liberty rules to go. The Obama Administration made a number of regulatory changes that forced religious organizations and faith-based businesses to jump through extra hoops to receive federal funding or participate in federal programs. Religious organizations are treated unequally. They’re being forced to post disclaimers and referrals to non-religious entities (similar to the forced speech disclosures we defeated at the Supreme Court for pro-life... read more