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Investigate COVID-19 Origins – Hold China Accountable


New bombshell evidence points to COVID-19 coming from a lab in Wuhan, China. Even Dr. Fauci now admits the pandemic may have originated in the lab and has called for an investigation. But instead, the Biden Administration has shut down an investigation that was spearheaded by our own ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo when he was Secretary of State under President Trump. As Americans suffered, businesses were shuttered, and liberties were trampled, the Biden Administration... read more

Stop the Scourge of Global Human Trafficking


Innocent lives are being exploited, abused, and utterly destroyed RIGHT NOW by the global scourge of human trafficking. Every day, desperate individuals face an unthinkable choice: risk being sold into modern slavery by human traffickers or go hungry. Evil human traffickers exploit these people for financial gain – luring them with false promises or kidnapping them and selling them into slavery. According to the U.N., an estimated 40.3 million people are trapped in modern slavery. Men and... read more

Overturn Roe v. Wade - Defeat Abortion - Save Babies


The Supreme Court has taken up a major abortion case. It could strike at the heart of Roe v. Wade and save countless unborn babies’ lives. When states like New York passed barbaric abortion laws, allowing abortions up to the moment of birth and even infanticide, Mississippi passed a law banning abortions after 15 weeks. The radical Left and the abortion industry immediately filed lawsuits, and the federal courts quickly struck the law down. We filed a crucial amicus brief asking the Supreme... read more

End FBI Corruption. Stop Spying on Americans.


The FBI is spying on Americans. It’s infuriating and it MUST END NOW. We know firsthand how Comey’s circle of corruption at the FBI spied on the Trump campaign. But new bombshell revelations show the FBI is still spying on YOU. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is supposed to allow the FBI to conduct "warrantless" wiretaps and other surveillance of non-Americans who are NOT on U.S. soil. But a newly declassified court order, from the court tasked with overseeing the program, read more

Stop Biden’s Ban on Lower Taxes


Your state was just BANNED from cutting your taxes. This is the radical Left’s Trojan horse for pushing its radical agenda on you and raising your taxes. At the 11th hour, Senate Majority Leader Schumer surreptitiously slipped a provision into the supposed “COVID relief” bill that would block states that accept even a dime of this federal taxpayer money from lowering your taxes for the next FOUR YEARS. It can raise taxes, but your state can’t lower them. Speaker Pelosi rushed it through, and... read more

End Biden’s Humanitarian Border Crisis for Children


There is an unimaginable humanitarian crisis for children at the border. Thousands of children are being illegally trafficked across the U.S. border – now being held in overcrowded detainment facilities. Worse yet, human traffickers are making a horrifically disturbing $14 million dollars A DAY. This is a clear and present danger, a moral and humanitarian crisis impacting thousands of helpless children. Something must be done. Yet, President Biden refuses to even acknowledge the crisis. His... read more

Stop Biden’s Pro-Abortion, Anti-Life HHS Nominee Becerra


President Biden has just nominated quite possibly the MOST PRO-ABORTION Secretary of Health and Human Services EVER. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has not only spent his entire career promoting pro-abortion laws, but he has also vindictively targeted pro-lifers. He’s not just pro-abortion; he’s anti-life. We’ve directly defeated Becerra’s attempt to fine, punish, and shut down pro-life pregnancy centers at the Supreme Court. We helped deliver a shocking defeat to Becerra’s lawsuit... read more

Stop Biden’s Ploy To Pack the Supreme Court


President Biden and the radical Left are advancing a political ploy to pack the Supreme Court. President Biden has established a commission to “reform” the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary, and he’s packed it with radical Left ideologues bent on packing the courts. He actually called our judicial system – and the Supreme Court – “out of whack.” The Constitution NEVER envisioned the Supreme Court becoming a partisan rubber stamp where the party in power could just add Justices until they... read more

Stop Unconstitutional Impeachment Trial


The radical Left is conducting an unconstitutional impeachment of a former President. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows the Senate to do this. Yet they are trying to conduct a trial of President Trump as a PRIVATE CITIZEN. The Constitution provides for the impeachment of “The President,” not a former President. You can’t impeach a private citizen – in the law we’d call that an unconstitutional bill of attainder. The Chief Justice of the United States isn’t serving as the... read more

Defeat the Deep State – Defend the Constitution


The Deep State has been shredding the Constitution. The unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy spent four years targeting the President, undermining the conservative agenda, and violating the rule of law. Lies, deceptions, leaks, violations of the Espionage Act, weaponizing the intelligence community against Americans, spying on political opponents, IRS targeting the Tea Party, FBI and DOJ corruption at the highest levels – we’ve seen it all. Now the Deep State bureaucracy is being further... read more