He was a 16-year-old Christian boy when he was falsely accused; now he's been sentenced to death for his faith.

Shahzad Masih has been sentenced to execution by hanging in Pakistan for blasphemy over statements he didn't even make.

A radical Muslim sectarian group manufactured the charges against this Christian boy when he was a minor and then pressured the judge to have him executed.

Now this young Christian man will hang for his Christian faith.

We've mobilized our legal team on the ground in Pakistan to represent him and appeal his case. We must overturn this vile miscarriage of justice. This is the ultimate abominable human rights violation, and we'll take this case all the way to Pakistan's Supreme Court.

We've helped free Christians – like Christian mom Asia Bibi who was charged under the same barbaric law – from death row in Pakistan before, but we can't do it without YOU.

No one should be put to death for their faith. Time is of the essence. Take urgent action with us.

Petition To Free Christian Young Man Shahzad Masih From a Death Sentence


Save Christian Boy From Execution

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