Christian Pastor Raymond Koh was forcefully abducted by the Malaysian government.

In a rehearsed maneuver lasting only 40 seconds, public footage shows at least 15 men emerging from three SUVs, forcing Pastor Koh into one of the vehicles, and driving off. He has not been seen since.

Malaysian authorities had raided Pastor Koh's church in the past, and he's received death threats at his home. Now he has been missing for seven years, and the Malaysian government refuses to provide answers.

This is a brazen violation of Malaysia's own constitution that, on paper, claims to protect religious freedom. It's a case of forced disappearance, intended to intimidate the Christian community, stemming from Pastor Koh's Christian faith and position as a pastor. The Malaysian government must be held accountable.

We're advocating for Pastor Koh at the U.N., demanding that Malaysia uphold its own constitution, provide answers about Pastor Koh's forced disappearance, and ultimately find and free him.

No one should be targeted for practicing Christianity. We must demand justice for Pastor Koh before it's too late.

Petition To Rescue Pastor Raymond Koh From Unlawful Forced Disappearance in Malaysia

Save Abducted Christian Pastor Raymond Koh

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