President Obama’s “Less Than Loving” Easter Attack on Christians Should “Concern” You


Matthew Clark

April 8, 2015

3 min read

Persecuted Church



President Obama, who won’t call out radical Islam for beheading Christians, is spewing verbal vitriol against Christians.

President Obama began his remarks at an Easter Prayer Breakfast this week saying he is “concerned” about “less than loving” Christians.

He used the day we as Christians celebrate our risen Savior – the day love conquered death – to call Christians unloving.

Christians around the world are suffering and dying each and every day at the hands of brutal radical Islamic jihadist genocide, and the leader of the free world finds the need to attack Christians.

But this wasn’t the first time.  Just a few short months ago at the National Prayer Breakfast he used his bully pulpit to excoriate Christians for getting on “our high horse” about the persecution of Christians.

At a time when Christians are being slaughtered, raped, and decapitated simply for being a Christian, or in some regimes hung simply for expressing the love of Christ to others, President Obama repeatedly puts Christians in his rhetorical crosshairs.

He’s spent more time calling out Christians than acknowledging that radical Islamists are inflicting genocide.

It’s more than offensive to the millions of Christians across the globe who seek to live out our lives following Christ’s example of love, his statements are just plain false.

Christians are not responsible for radical Islamic jihadists seeking to wipe out the global Christian Church.  We are not unloving.  Christians who serve in our Armed Forces are not – as his Administration has previously asserted – “extremists.”

Mr. President, if you want to see what real hate looks like in the face of real love, just look to the Middle East.  Christians are dying for their faith.  In our new ACLJ Film, “Let My People Go,” you can see how Christians, expressing love, are suffering and dying for their faith at the hands of jihadists.

President Obama’s comments were hurtful and outrageous.  But coming from the leader of the free world, they were harmful.

As Christians, we must stand up for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We must share the truth and call out – even our President – for assaults on our faith.

At the ACLJ, we’re preparing an open letter to President Obama demanding he stop attacking Christians and apologize.  We face real enemies in the world, we face evil, but Christianity isn’t it.

Sign our letter to the President to defend Christians.

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