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As Pastor Saeed begins serving his fourth year in chains for Christ, Iran’s leaders continued to discuss him as a hostage when visiting the U.S. for U.N. meetings.

Earlier today, American Pastor Saeed Abedini's parents were able to visit him in prison. It has been almost a full year since his mother has seen him.  Returning for her own mother’s funeral, the reunion was emotionally charged and heartbreaking.

Pastor Saeed told his family that he joined with those who prayed on September 26th. Pastor Saeed was very encouraged that 966 vigils were held in 46 countries and territories across the globe. His family shared pictures of the vigils, letting Pastor Saeed know he hasn't been forgotten.

Pastor Saeed’s wife Naghmeh shared her thoughts on the latest update from her husband:

Though I am always looking forward to visitation days as my lone connection to Saeed, it pains me to know what my in-laws have lived through with their son. They live for these 15-minute visitations each week with their son, but watching your son endure the trauma of unjust imprisonment is brutal.

Increasingly, my updates from Iran come with many tears. The pain of seeing your son shackled, describing the pains in his body or the beatings he endures has at times been too much for his elderly parents. Today's update was told through uncontrollable tears. Having seen the pain of my own children, I can only imagine the pain Saeed's parents have endured the last 3 years.

At the end of each call, they ask if we are any closer to Saeed's release. I look forward to the day I can tell them confidently that this injustice has come to an end.

As Naghmeh has asked before, “When will the nightmare end?”

Pastor Saeed continues to hold fast to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he’s threatened with more prison time and even interrogated with a taser gun.

We continue to work with Naghmeh as we fight on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, and around the world to save Saeed and reunite him with his wife and young children.

Join us.

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