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Pastor John Cao Reflects on Christmas From Prison

By CeCe Heil1545336255386

Pastor John Cao, a legal permanent resident of the U.S., who has been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in China for almost two years was able to send a message with his attorneys to everyone praying for him. In a simple statement, Pastor John reflects on the birth of Christ and God’s grace, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

It’s December now, and it’s Christmas. It is the season of celebration. My bed is only half a meter wide [1.6 feet], and I am reminded of the manger where the Lord Jesus was born. This half-meter wide bed is more comfortable than the manger. Since the Holy Child can sleep in the manger, I can enjoy God's grace in this half-meter-wide bed.

Let us run the road of Heaven and win the crown together, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Pastor John’s powerful statement comes as he will spend his second Christmas in prison separated from his wife and two sons in North Carolina, who miss him desperately. He is in a 26 x 10 ft prison cell, with a dozen other prisoners who must all share the same 26 ft. slab as a bed – his section, only 1.6 feet wide.

As we communicated previously, Pastor John has faithfully served the people of China for decades, recently including the people of North Myanmar, providing much needed humanitarian help, as well as educational, and spiritual assistance. He was arrested as part of the current crackdown on Christians happening in China and wrongfully convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison.  He has yet to have his appeal heard, as the court arbitrarily and unjustifiably continues to delay it, now ten months past the deadline.

In the meantime, Pastor Cao remains in a prison cell, completely cut off from any contact with his family, and in desperate need of medical attention. To this Pastor Cao stated:

Like Paul, I have learned how to live a rich life and how to live a simple life. Now I live a free life even though I am without freedom. I believe that for the Lord Jesus, we are willing to freely choose to lose our freedom. We will all happily choose to lose the happiness of the world. As long as the name of the Lord can be proclaimed, the bitterness of the flesh and blood is not worth mentioning.

Pastor Cao should not have to endure prison simply because he desires to live out his Christian faith. Christians all over the world should be free to teach, worship, and practice their Christian faith without fear of persecution or imprisonment – including in China.

We are representing Pastor John’s family – working alongside the highest levels of government asking for global pressure to urge the Chinese government to release Pastor John and allow him to come home to America to his heartbroken family.

Pastor John does not deserve to spend another Christmas in prison. As we enter into this season of miracles, please pray for Pastor John and his family, and for justice to be done.

Join with the over 100,000 supporters who have signed our urgent petition demanding Pastor John’s freedom. Your voice can make a huge difference as we advocate for his freedom.

Free Christian Pastor John Cao

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