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Christian Pastor John Cao – a U.S. permanent resident – was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison in China. He served a seven-year sentence and is now being held against his will in China.

After decades of working in China and Burma (Myanmar), providing for the poor, sharing the love of Christ, and establishing schools for impoverished children, Pastor John was arrested and imprisoned by Chinese authorities as part of their increased crackdown on Christian pastors.

Pastor John’s wife and two sons (all U.S. citizens from North Carolina) desperately want their husband and father released and returned home to America.

Pastor John was unjustly targeted for his Christian faith and served a seven-year sentence in prison. During portions of his imprisonment, his health deteriorated, losing over 50 pounds, as he was forced to share a cell with 12 inmates and only one bed.

Now after serving his entire seven-year sentence, he was given his passport only to have it revoked days later by Chinese authorities, effectively detaining him once again.

We’re representing Pastor John’s family, aggressively working internationally to bring him home to his family in America. We’ve mobilized our resources across the globe and are urging China to allow Pastor John to come home to the U.S. to be reunited with his wife and sons.

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