Christians SILENCED & Imprisoned - ACLJ's Fight at Home and Abroad

July 14, 2021

Fighting for religious liberties in America and freedom for persecuted Christians abroad have always been primary issues here at the ACLJ. 

Our victories at the Supreme Court in the 1980s and ‘90s cemented the ACLJ as a force for religious liberty in the United States. With the aid of the Trump Administration, we have been able to achieve victories in securing freedom for imprisoned and persecuted Christians like Pastor Andrew Brunson, wrongfully imprisoned in Turkey, and Pastor Bryan Nerren, wrongfully imprisoned in India.

Now more than ever, our freedoms to worship and pray and live our faith out loud are under attack. The persecuted still need us, but under a new Administration and an increasingly hostile radical Left, we face greater challenges. 

This video highlights the battles we’ve fought – and won – to protect religious liberty, and our continued work to defend religious liberty here and around the globe.

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