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Campaign to Save Pastors in Sudan

By ACLJ.org1436303819654

Time is running out for Pastors Michael and Peter, the two Christian pastors facing trumped-up charges in Sudan because of their faith. Today, we are launching a massive letter-writing campaign to save them.

The judge recently found sufficient evidence to formally “charge” both pastors, with two of the charges carrying potential death sentences.

The next step is for Pastors Michael and Peter to put on their defense when the trial resumes in the coming days. But, as we’ve previously reported:

“[T]he attorney requested access with his clients—a right that is guaranteed both under Sudanese law and international law—but the judge only had authority to grant him visitation at the court. While the judge offered the attorney 10 or 15 minutes at the court to prepare his defense, the attorney protested that such time is not adequate to prepare a defense, let alone a defense for charge that carry the death penalty.”

But the odds are stacked against Pastors Michael and Peter.

Even their attorney was recently arrested for defending the same church where Pastor Michael preached and spoke out against the persecution of Christians in Sudan.

But all hope is not lost. We are working with Mariam Ibraheem who was freed from death row in Sudan because of people around the globe speaking out for justice. She is a reminder that your voice matters.

So join with us today. Over 200,000 of you have already signed our petition, but we need to do more.

We have launched a massive letter-writing campaign to Sudan’s new Minister of Justice demanding Sudan follow international law, ensure that these persecuted pastors can properly prepare a defense, and that the case be dismissed for a lack of evidence.

The more letters we send to him, the higher the international pressure. The higher the international pressure, the more likely Pastors Michael and Peter will find justice and freedom.

It’s worked before and it can work again.

Send a letter to the Sudanese Minister of Justice today at

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