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Defeat Unconstitutional ObamaCare Now



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Defeat Unconstitutional ObamaCare Now

ObamaCare is unconstitutional.

We’ve been saying it for almost a decade. But now a federal judge has just ruled that the behemoth pro-abortion government takeover of healthcare is unconstitutional and must be struck down.

We know that ObamaCare is the Left’s first step toward single-payer, socialist healthcare. With the Green New Deal, the radical Left has already made it clear that single payer is step two.

But now we have one last chance to end ObamaCare in the courts. The case has been appealed to a federal appeals court. For a decade, we’ve been making the legal arguments for why pro-abortion ObamaCare is the wrong prescription for America – that it’s unconstitutional as a matter of law.

Now we’re preparing a critical amicus brief in federal appeals court. But our critical deadline is looming.

Congress couldn’t defeat ObamaCare, but we can. Stop the radical Left. Defend life. End ObamaCare now. Take action with us.

Committee to Defeat Unconstitutional ObamaCare in Court

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