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It’s outrageous. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee “Shifty” Adam Schiff now says that whistleblower testimony is NOT NEEDED to impeach the President. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live we discussed Rep. Adam Schiff’s comments on Face the Nation stating the whistleblower does not need to testify to impeach the President. This so-called impeachment inquiry is getting to the level of absurdity. Here’s what Chairman Schiff said to Margaret Brennan, on Face the Nation : “Given that we already... read more

Recently, a federal court judge in the Eastern District of Virginia handed down a mixed ruling in the Falls Church Medical Center, LLC v. M. Norman Oliver, Virginia Commissioner case. In his ruling , U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson struck down two laws that protected children in the womb and women, while upholding two other pro-life laws in Virginia and dismissing the pro-abortion plaintiffs’ other claims. The dangerous news for Virginia women is that the judge struck down the requirement that... read more

We’ve spent 2-3 weeks discussing what I call the irregularities of this whole impeachment inquiry. There are serious constitutional issues that have been raised. We’re talking everything from Separation of Powers, the Supremacy Clause, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Association. On today’s show went back through all the relevant events of the last two to three weeks, step by step and explained what is at stake for our Constitutional Republic. There have been attacks made by the California... read more

Last week, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed an amicus brief with the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Carson v. Makin , a case challenging the State of Maine’s discrimination against Christian schools. In Maine, there are not enough public secondary schools, especially in rural areas. The state therefore has created a program called the “town tuitioning system.” The way it works is that state funds are used to pay tuition for students at the private school of their... read more

Sekulow: Big Court Victory for President Trump in California Ep. 536


California proposed a challenge aimed at keeping President Tump off the 2020 ballot, but failed in a U.S. federal court. This and more on today’s episode of Sekulow.

Like a petulant child, Planned Parenthood has essentially taken its ball and gone home, withdrawing from the Title X program because the Trump Administration won’t let it keep raking in millions from American taxpayers while it works to expand abortion across the country. As a result, healthcare facilities that offer family planning services in compliance with the law will now receive that crucial funding. In other words, it’s a win-win. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just... read more

There’s been a lot in the news over the last few days regarding the situation with Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds. On today’s Jay Sekulow Live , we took our time to discuss the very interesting convergence of activity in Turkey. You have Turkey looking to take on Syria, specifically the Kurds in Syria. The Kurds have been an ally of the United States and Turkey is a NATO ally of the United States. I asked ACLJ Senior Counsel Skip Ash, who leads our military and national security practice, to... read more

The President is standing up to the House Democrats’ charade. On today’s broadcast, we discussed the President’s administration deciding to block the testimony of U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland before the House Intelligence Committee that was scheduled for today. The reason being this is a charade taking place at the House of Representatives. There’s no Due Process. And there’s a history of this. Let’s not forget where this started - Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s... read more

Witness testimony has begun in our fight against Planned Parenthood, and it’s dragging the abortion giant’s appalling deeds into the light. We recently told you that a pro-life investigative group called the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) is under attack for pulling back the curtain on Planned Parenthood’s twisted practices. We represent a former board member of CMP in this case. Four years ago we reported how CMP posted disturbing undercover videos including one in which Planned... read more

There was a big win today for President Trump and the Constitution in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Today on the show we discussed the 2nd Circuit’s stay of Judge Victor Marrero’s seventy-five page ruling that the President had to turn over his tax returns and why this is a victory for both President Trump and the Constitution. President Trump’s legal team immediately filed an appeal of Judge Marrero’s ruling and were granted the stay within minutes. That just shows how clearly... read more