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For more than 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has prohibited U.S. tax dollars from directly funding abortions under Medicaid and several other federal programs. Each year, this critical language has been approved as part of the Labor-HHS appropriations process, and has by many accounts been responsible for saving a significant number of lives. We at the ACLJ have long supported the Hyde Amendment and called for its codification and expansion. We believe that every corner of the Federal Government... read more

Today is a day where life is being celebrated and defended at the 46th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C, and so it’s fitting that a huge blow has just been dealt to the nation’s largest abortion provider. Today on the show, we told you about a major victory in Texas where a federal appeals court has ruled against Planned Parenthood, allowing the state to defund the taxpayer-supported abortion provider. This is a huge loss for the biggest abortion provider in the U.S. As has been... read more

Today, January 18, 2019, is the 46th Annual March for Life, and I along with several others from the ACLJ will be in attendance. Now it is more important than ever to stand for the rights of those unborn babies who can’t defend themselves. As we have explained before , the March for life is the world’s largest pro-life event. It is an opportunity every year for those who value the sanctity of life to show unity in their convictions, and to let their voices be heard en masse. Often, the weather... read more

DOJ officials were briefed on the Steele Dossier months before the election, disproving the Left’s current narrative. More disturbing, they were well aware it was paid for by the Clinton campaign. Today on the show we discussed new testimony from DOJ official Bruce Ohr, in which Ohr admitted to having shared information about the Steele Dossier with senior FBI officials, as well as DOJ prosecutors, three months BEFORE the election. New House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Congressman Adam... read more

Even with two senior FBI officials reportedly under criminal investigation, more irregular activities at the FBI continue to come light. Today on the broadcast, we discussed the mass amount of leaking coming out of the FBI. One of the latest revelations is that the FBI continued to receive information, through DOJ official Bruce Ohr, from former spy Christopher Steele – author of the infamous “Steele Dossier” – after formerly ending its relationship with him in late 2016 due to leaking... read more

Yesterday, we detailed irregularities at the FBI and the newly reported counterintelligence investigation of President Trump. Now, new revelations have been brought to light that the FBI’s former General Counsel may be under criminal investigation for leaking. Today on the broadcast we discussed James Baker, former General Counsel for the FBI under then-Director Comey, reportedly stating through his attorney during congressional testimony that he is currently under a federal criminal... read more

As part of our ongoing efforts to aid and protect Christians in Iraq and Syria, we sent a letter through our European affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), to the incoming Security Council President for the month of January, Ambassador Francisco Cortorreal of the Dominican Republic, demanding that the U.N. recognize the genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria and take action to provide the assistance they so desperately need. We write to communicate an urgent and... read more

Sekulow: "Anti-Semitic Doctor Makes Threatens Jews" Ep. 502


An anti-Semitic doctor threatened to “purposely give all the (derogatory term for Jews) the wrong meds.” / / / The ACLJ is calling on the state of Ohio to revoke the medical license for a medical resident whose anti-Semitic rants and threats against Jews include her saying, “Allah will kill the...

More investigative irregularities have been uncovered at the FBI. Today on the show we discussed a new New York Times story exposing a counterintelligence investigation by the Deep State FBI targeting the President. Let me clarify: not the President-elect as we’ve discussed before. This was another counterintelligence investigation, against sitting President Trump, after the firing of James Comey. The article states: In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, law... read more

The ACLJ currently represents two churches in Gaffney, South Carolina that have been prevented from occupying new properties and holding worship services due to an illegal and discriminatory provision in the City zoning ordinance. The provision specifically excludes religious organizations from occupying commercial and store front buildings in the Core Commercial (CC) zoning district of the City while permitting all secular organizations in the same district. Thus, for instance, under the... read more