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This week we secured a major victory against the IRS bureaucracy that has been wrongfully targeting conservative groups, ensuring that the truth will finally come to light. The IRS stall tactics first employed against Tea Party organizations during the agency’s discriminatory treatment of the groups in the tax-exempt application process has only continued during our four-plus years of litigation , as the agency has fought every attempt by the wrongfully targeted organizations to discover the... read more

A staggering “ 80 percent of the global population live with restrictions on or hostilities to limit their freedom of religion.” On Tuesday, the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, used this striking statistic to introduce the State Department’s 2016 International Religious Freedom (IRF) Report . The IRF Report tracks religious freedom in 199 countries and territories, and is submitted to the U.S. Congress in accordance with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. Tillerson’s remarks... read more

Jihadist terror struck Barcelona, Spain today, murdering at least 12 and injuring more than 50 others, as the decimating toll rises. ISIS has now claimed responsibility for this attack through its official news agency Amaq. As Reuters reports : It was not immediately clear how many attackers were involved. La Vanguardia newspaper said one of the suspected perpetrators had been killed in a shootout with police on the outskirts of Barcelona. Witnesses said the van zigzagged down one of... read more

Breaking: ISIS Claims Responsibility in Barcelona Terrorist Attack


Breaking: ISIS Claims Responsibility in Barcelona Terrorist Attack...

The Supreme Court of the United States is considering the legality of President Trump’s National Security Executive Order, which is designed to protect our country from foreign terrorists. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has filed an amicus brief outlining the constitutionality of the Executive Order. We note that more than 250,000 people, who have joined our Committee to Defend Our National Security from Terror , support the arguments made in the brief. The Executive Order... read more

On Tuesday, August 15th, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un stepped away from the strategic ledge that would not have ended well for him: He decided not to attack the U.S. Territory of Guam and modulated his rhetoric. While Kim is reactionary and uncivilized by any standard, he is neither stupid nor suicidal. The North Korean dictator faced the very real threat of a devastating attack by the United States. Unlike previous U.S. Presidents, Mr. Kim was not certain whether President Donald J. Trump would... read more

Sekulow: "ACLJ Uncovers AG Lynch's Email Alias – Pt. 2" Ep. 439

OfficialACLJ1502897748264Government Corruption

(The following is part 2 of Ep. 438.) After being caught hiding the truth from the American people, the FBI has just “reopened” our FOIA case. The ACLJ just received a letter from the FBI bureaucracy informing us that it has “reopened” our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request into the...

After being caught hiding the truth from the American people, the FBI has just “reopened” our FOIA case. The ACLJ just received a letter from the FBI bureaucracy informing us that it has “reopened” our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request into the clandestine meeting between former Obama Attorney General Lynch and former President Clinton while the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI were conducting a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. The FBI’s letter – dated one week after we... read more

Today – the 313th day of American Pastor Andrew Brunson’s wrongful imprisonment in Turkey because of his Christian faith –the State Department released a report on International Religious Freedom , highlighting Pastor Andrew’s plight. Although the report analyzes freedom violations across the world, in his remarks , Secretary of State Rex Tillerson specifically addressed the plight of Pastor Andrew. He stated, “[T]he United States continues to advocate for the release of Pastor Andrew Brunson... read more

“Government transparency is becoming a joke, and the joke is on all of us.” That is what a Washington Examiner editorial lamented this morning as more and more revelations connected to the Clinton-Lynch Phoenix-airport tarmac meeting are revealed, and the public finds that it is more and more in the dark when it comes to government transparency. The editorial states that: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch set aside ethical norms and good judgment to take her secret, election-year meeting... read more