Trump Acting Defense Secretary Did Not Authorize Milley China Calls


Jordan Sekulow


September 16, 2021

As we told you, General Mark Milley has been accused of tipping off his Chinese military counterpart on potential attacks from the United States behind President Trump’s back. Former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller claimed no one, especially Gen. Milley, asked him for approval on this type of conduct. So, if true, then Gen. Milley completely circumvented the chain of command to do this. While it’s been 48 hours with no denial of this report, we also have to keep our focus on the failed withdrawal in Afghanistan.

ACLJ Senior Military Analyst Wes Smith points out in his new article the correct way someone in his position would go about voicing a concern of a sitting President:

If he really had concerns about Donald Trump . . . there is an appropriate way to address that and that is by going to his immediate supervisor who’s the Secretary of Defense [Chris Miller] who’s not only in the chain of command, but in the President’s cabinet and would have been in that chain of command. But what Gen. Milley did if the allegations are true, is he made himself the de facto Commander in Chief. . . . Certainly, it violates the principle of civilian control of the military. This is why we have civilian control.

Senator Lindsey Graham just wrote a letter directly to Gen. Milley along with Congressman Mike Waltz to ask him about the reports and get to the bottom of this. Sen. Graham joined Sekulow to discuss the reports:

Well number one, what is in the book is very disturbing, it would be undercutting civilian control of the military. . . . You know what I like about Jay Sekulow? You know what I like about the whole system over here? That the rule of law actually does work if you allow it to work. So, I’m not going to try Gen. Milley based on some book. A lot of this stuff in books in the past has turned out to be nothing. What do I do? I go back to the old South Carolina way of business, let’s talk to the guy. . . . I’m not gonna try him in the media or based on a book. So, I expect to set up a meeting with Gen. Milley let him walk me through both phone calls, what happened and what was said . . . then I’ll get back to you. It’s important that he explain himself to me and Congressman Waltz. It’s important that he explain himself to the Congress on September 28th. But it is also important that we take a deep breath here and not go crazy over an excerpt in a book.

Sen. Graham is going to persist to find the truth behind these serious allegations. But he is not going to let it distract him from revealing the truth behind the Biden Administration’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal that resulted in serious consequences for the United States:

So, there’s a narrative being formed here that bothers the heck out of me. Joe Biden’s Administration is blaming Trump for his decision and that the generals agreed with him – the withdrawal. Number one, President Trump did not withdraw our forces on January 20th. We had 2,500 people in Bagram air base. And Bagram air base was owned by Americans. It was a conditions based withdrawal, if the Taliban was violating the conditions, the Biden Administration easily could’ve said all bets are off. . . . It was President Biden who decided to pull all of our forces out. And when they claim that our military was on board – that’s a lie. And I’m gonna prove this. I’m going to prove that the commander in chief was given sound military advice that we should stay at Bagram, have a residual force, and have an insurance policy against another 9/11. It was President Biden to do this and not the Generals.

ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell offered a different reason for why he thinks that Gen. Milley should be discharged from the military:

So, I have a different opinion here. I know Gen. Milley. And I think Gen. Milley implemented a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. He should be fired because of his work in the Biden Administration and how incompetent he was to wind down all of our operations in Afghanistan. Clearly, he didn’t get through to President Biden. So, my position is that Gen. Milley should be fired because he has demonstrated he is incompetent at doing what he is hired to do which was lead the military and get us in and out of places.

Secondly, let’s be honest, Bob Woodward is writing a book and he is pushing stories to sell a book. And I don’t believe any story where anyone who was close to President Trump believes that President Trump was looking to start a war. Let alone, China. Nobody who worked with President Trump would believe that he was trying to start a war with China.

Ric also echoed Sen. Graham’s reasons for focusing on the failed Afghanistan withdrawal:

Yeah, look he should be fired because of his work in the Biden Administration. What is happening now . . . all of those political people, everybody in the swamp, are trying to pretend that Miley should be fired from something that happened in the Trump Administration. They don’t want to admit that the Biden disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan was a total failure. What they are trying to do is deflect, we can’t fall for that. . . . If this book is an issue . . . and again I’m really highly skeptical . . . and Gen. Milley served very closely with President Trump. I don’t believe Gen. Milley believes that Donald Trump was trying to start a war with China. . . . There is no evidence . . . it’s quite the opposite.

While Senator Graham and Congressman Waltz are going to investigate this information on Capitol Hill, we need to stay focused on the facts. We have filed our FOIA requesting all records related to the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and are going to get to the bottom of what caused all this chaos. As always, we will continue to provide you with updates.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of Gen. Milley’s alleged phone calls with China.

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