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It’s a big day in Washington D.C. for the National Emergency declaration and security at our southern border as some Republicans prepare to side with Democrats and vote to terminate the national emergency declaration.

Today on the broadcast, we discussed today’s coming Senate vote on a resolution to block President Trump’s National Emergency declaration.

Recently we told you how the House held a similar vote and, while it was passed, the resolution fell far short – 40 votes – of a “veto-proof” majority.

It’s likely that Senate Democrats will unanimously vote in favor of the resolution. What’s concerning is that a handful of Senate Republicans have already said they will vote for the resolution as well.

Some of the Republicans who have already said they will vote against the President are Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Thom Tillis and Mitt Romney. Others are possible to follow, such as Sens. Ben Sasse and Lamar Alexander.

In our view, these Republicans would be putting national security at risk. However, if the Senate does pass its resolution, it will then be sent the White House where President Trump has already promised he will veto it.

And the Senate knows that. The Left clearly wants tomorrow’s inevitable headline to read: “Senate Republicans Rebuke President Trump.”

And what’s even more disappointing is that getting lost in all this political posturing is the fact that we really do have a national emergency at our border. Our immigration officers are overwhelmed and need immediate assistance as a new flood of migrants are currently headed for our border.

Regardless of how the Senate votes, the national emergency declaration will stand. But just as we told you which House Republicans voted against the national emergency, we will report which Republican Senators support it, as well.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

UPDATE: The Senate just passed the resolution disapproving of the National Emergency declaration, but like in the House the vote fell short of a veto-proof majority.

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