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Last week President Trump signed a short-term spending package to end to the partial government shutdown while negotiations continued to create a solution to our current border security crisis. However, that short-term spending package expires in mid-February, and if Congress and the White House can’t agree on a plan, the government could very likely shutdown again.

Today on the show, we discussed the President’s statement that he was skeptical as to whether an acceptable border deal can be reached before February 15th.

A bipartisan conference committee made up of representatives from the House and Senate is meeting right now, trying to work out an agreement for border security that will satisfy both sides of the aisle and keep the government open.

In an interview Sunday, President Trump expressed his concerns for the likelihood of a deal being reached:

"I personally think it’s less than 50-50, but you have a lot of very good people on that board."

Now we’re left wondering if, in the event a deal is not reached, the President will have to exercise his constitutional and statutory authority to declare a National Emergency in order to release funds needed to enhance border security without Congress.

Do you think this time the President should declare an emergency and prepare for the resistance that will come from the Left?

On Tuesday, a week from today, President Trump will deliver the State of the Union Address, and present his case for enhanced National Security to the American people.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – who has to date been unwilling to work with the White House to secure the border – will be seated right behind him.

We’ve already prepared legal memos, thoroughly examining the President’s authority to declare an emergency and likelihood of success, and we’re prepared to take action if need be.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

Secure the Border. Build the Wall.

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