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Walls are about letting good people in, and keeping bad people out.

Illustrating this point yesterday, CNN’s Jim Acosta reported that steel barriers work to keep borders safe and peaceful.

Today on the show, we discussed how CNN correspondent Jim Acosta – a notoriously vocal critic of the President and the wall – reported live from McAllen, Texas, along our southern border with Mexico, and observed that where a wall comprised of steel slats currently stands, all is well.

Acosta reported:

“Here are some of the steel slats that the President’s been talking about,” Acosta said while reporting from the southern border. “But as we’re walking along here, we’re not seeing any kind of imminent danger.”

Well said, Jim. I believe that’s exactly the President’s point.

Acosta has been celebrated by the liberal mainstream media for his continual criticism of the President. But yesterday when actually reporting the facts, he openly observed that the area around the steel wall actually seemed “tranquil.”

This CNN report was clearly meant to undermine and mock President Trump, and yet what it actually did was hammer home how effective the wall is, and why we need to enhance and expand our border protection.

Acosta reported he saw “no migrants trying to rush toward this fence.” Once again, that’s the idea. The wall works. It discourages illegal immigration, hampering efforts by those we don’t want here, like drug smugglers, gang members, and human traffickers, from entering our country. This is proven by reports from the border patrol agents who actually have data showing the marked decrease in border crossings where there is a wall.

At least where it stands. As Acosta also pointed out, in points where the steel barrier ends, and only a chain-link fence protects our border, migrants have been able to illegally pass through into the U.S. without much difficulty at all.

It’s a rare occasion, when we can say thank you to a mainstream media outlet for making the President’s case. We can and must secure the border, and as this CNN report demonstrated, we have an effective way to do it.

Now if only the Left would take off the political blinders and see that reality as well, for the good of national security.

You can listen to the entire episode here.

Secure the Border. Build the Wall.

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