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Jihadist Terror Strikes Brussels, Belgium

By Jay Sekulow1458665800749

Terror has once again struck the heart of Europe.

ISIS – the Islamic State – is celebrating the carnage in Brussels this morning, with reports that it is claiming responsibility.

One thing is clear: Less than two days after one of the ISIS jihadists responsible for the Paris terrorist attacks was arrested in Belgium, terrorists attacked Brussels, Belgium.  It was a clearly coordinated retaliatory attack.

Dozens are dead.  Hundreds more are wounded.  The mass carnage is unthinkably horrific.

ISIS must be defeated and destroyed.

Just last week, the Obama Administration finally recognized that ISIS is waging an all out genocide against Christians in the Middle East.  It has just killed another U.S. soldier in Iraq.

It has called for attacks on America, and jihadists pledging allegiance to ISIS carried out that command in San Bernardino.

ISIS is infiltrating Syrian refugees in order to export terror to Europe and America.  It is wreaking havoc on Europe, plotting, traveling, and executing deadly terrorist attacks with impunity.

America must not be reactive, responding as President Obama suggests with law enforcement to merely track suspects, but proactive – taking the fight to ISIS.  ISIS must be destroyed.

As we pray for the victims of these new attacks in Brussels, we are also leading the charge on Capitol Hill, demanding action to defeat and destroy ISIS.

If we don’t take the fight to ISIS, ISIS will bring the jihadist carnage to us.

Protect America from ISIS Terror

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