Is the Biden Administration Ignoring U.S. Academic Infiltration by Chinese Nationals?


Jordan Sekulow


July 27, 2021

The Department of Justice (DOJ) – under the Biden Administration – just “dropped individual cases against five Chinese foreign nationals who are accused of hiding ties to the Chinese military.” These five were known to have lied on their application to enter America and admitted to sending sensitive information back to Beijing. Yet, the Justice Department has curiously dropped the charges and released these individuals, two days before Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is preparing to travel to China.

Why is the United States rewarding China by dropping charges when we know these actors were engaged in bad behavior?

ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy and former Acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell has direct experience looking at intel reports and assessing the threat of China. He gave his reaction to this move by the Justice Department:

Look, I am fearful that we are getting to the point where prosecutions are political, and what I mean by that is that they pursue certain cases and drop other cases. And that weaponization of the DOJ we saw in the Trump Administration when the FBI and DOJ officials ignored facts and tried to pursue a conclusion that was political in nature with the whole Russian collusion narrative. They knew from the beginning that all of the facts were against them, but they wanted a political outcome. And I fear that now – let’s be honest here. Joe Biden in the campaign called Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation.” He has never disavowed that. . . . I fear that these prosecutions are an extension of what Joe Biden is trying to push with the DOJ, the FBI, and with others to protect Hunter Biden and his relationships in China.

Ric added how important it is to take China’s actions seriously:

It is such a crisis. . . . It is such a crisis in America with what the Chinese are doing. Look, I always say Russia is a problem, but China is a crisis. We’ve given too many defensive briefings to politicians who ignore some of the work they are doing. And it has got to stop. Unfortunately, they feel we’ve wound ourselves backwards with the Biden team. The Biden team is very nervous about what China knows about Hunter Biden.

This crisis is a real national security concern. ACLJ Senior Military Analyst and former Colonel Wes Smith talked about the military threat this brings after knowing these individuals have significant ties to the Chinese military:

It is huge when you consider the fact that China’s goal is to replace the United States as the world’s only superpower, they have stated that. They have the largest military budget in the world. There is the theft of not just intellectual property when it comes to computers and electronics – it’s the theft of military secrets. Their new fighter plane looks mysteriously so much like our F-35 because of stealing technology like that. They are a huge threat. The build up in the South China Sea, their human rights abuses, all of these things China is doing – we are crippled in our response to them because we are not willing to make hard choices to divorce ourselves economically from this horrible country that abuses and kills their own people and manipulates the world.

Politicians continue to ignore the threat of China. ACLJ Director of Government Affairs Thann Bennett discussed the reaction of this decision in Congress:

This is my biggest concern and I think the biggest concern on Capitol Hill as well. When questions like these arise . . . whether or not prosecutorial decisions get political – there is recourse. And that recourse is congressional oversight. Here is the problem – we know now beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Chinese government is also having success infiltrating not just the halls of Congress, but actually the offices of Members that sit on the Intelligence Committee. And unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi is not taking action to remove those Members. I think it is fair in a moment like this to ask what portion of the federal government is adequately prepared to combat the threat of China?

It is time for Congress to act on the threat of China and these Chinese nationals infiltrating our top institutions and sharing our information. There is evidence that these individuals have lied and had significant ties to the Chinese military, and they must be held accountable for this bad behavior.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of the Justice Department dropping charges on Chinese foreign nationals caught lying and spying in the United States.

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