France Warned the U.S. in 2015 About China’s Wuhan Lab


Jordan Sekulow


July 29, 2021

The United States was warned of the Wuhan lab in 2015, yet the U.S. continued to fund the Chinese laboratory.

The French government was involved with the building and operational aspects of the lab, until China pulled back on the collaboration altogether. When the collaboration started to disintegrate, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) abruptly kicked the French out just like they did when the World Health Organization (WHO) started asking questions about the Wuhan lab.

After the collaboration ended, French intelligence officials warned the U.S. State Department of the activities, motivations, and research going on at the Wuhan lab.

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that France essentially warned us six years ago of the dangers of the Wuhan laboratory: 

It was very clear to us early on when the virus became transmissible, lethal, and escaped into the world that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was at the base of it all. While we couldn’t prove it, because as you’ve described – doctors disappeared, and journalists were taken off the map, we knew this history. We knew the history of the French built lab and we knew the history that they had been kicked out. We knew there had been resources placed there in an attempt to try to make the lab more secure. But we knew that this had all ended in a bad way. We had a lab that was unsafe and practicing unsafe gain of function research. We now are in a place where we can say with absolute certainty that the Chinese Communist Party hoisted this virus upon the world, and it is now the time for the world, not just the United States, but the entire world to rise up and force the Chinese to account for the billions of dollars that they destroyed and all of the millions of lives that have been lost.

ACLJ Senior Military Analyst and retired Colonel Wes Smith referred to his own military experience to explain the connection between all of the investigations into the Wuhan lab:

It is naïve and unrealistic to think that you can separate Chinese civilian research from the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military. . . . And as you said even when the lab was being constructed and developed with help from the French – the French Defense officials and their intel officials had grave concerns over even engaging with the Chinese on this kind of sensitive research. . . . At the end of the Trump Administration, the State Department revealed that they were indeed doing classified military research at this lab. And as you indicated, in 2018 when there was a State Department cable that warned that there were not highly trained individuals working at Wuhan.  What happened? The Chinese not only denied it, they permanently banned the U.S. officials who sent that message from the lab itself. . . . China is not our friend – they cannot be trusted. This Wuhan issue we will never know, I think, the whole truth of what is going on there, but we do know that the parties pulling these strings are the CCP and the Chinese military. And that they are intimately involved in this which is part of the reason they won’t let researchers go in and won’t let the world see the records.

In addition to creating COVID-19 in a Wuhan lab, the CCP also has been behind several cyber-attacks into the United States. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has a new article detailing the Biden Administration’s response to these attacks. Will the reaction be the same as it has been toward these cyber security attacks if more evidence comes out showing that COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan lab? Will we once again let China off the hook?

The French military and intelligence officials were right. The entire world should have been concerned with the activities coming out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get to the bottom of the Wuhan lab theories. The FOIA was ignored and now we have filed a lawsuit against the Director of National Intelligence over its refusal to provide us with information we asked for in our FOIA request. The world deserves to know where this virus was created, who was involved, and how the virus came out of the lab that spread to the entire world.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of France warning the United States in 2015 about the Chinese Laboratory – the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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