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Blow to the Left: Refugee Pause Restored

By ACLJ.org1505248479471

Justice Kennedy just issued an order restoring another part of President Trump’s Executive Order to protect the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States: the 120 day pause on all refugees.

In March, President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13780, which has two components: 1) pause entry for all refugees into the United States for 120 days; 2) pause entry for all citizens from six terrorist infested countries for 90 days. These reasonable pauses were designed to allow the U.S. to put proper vetting procedures in place to better protect ourselves from terrorists who would abuse our charity and the opportunity for a better life to instead enter our nation for the chance to kill American citizens.

Despite the unjustified challenge by some states’ leftist leadership to the President’s Executive Order, in June, the Supreme Court overruled activist lower courts and put the travel pauses back in place pending a full hearing in October. In the meantime, extreme vetting has begun and in person interviews have started.

Instead of letting the Executive Order stand on its merits, the leftists instead sought to undermine the order by insisting any refugee with any agreement with any agency be allowed into the country. This was a usurpation of the President’s Constitutional power. Justice Kennedy would not allow it. He issued a temporary stay until further arguments can be heard.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has been fighting to defend the Constitution at every step of the way. Most recently, we filed a brief before the Supreme Court to defend this constitutional order. The fight is almost over and victory is near. Every attempt to stop the rule of law and micro-manage the President’s duly constituted constitutional power by the radical left has failed thus far. With your help, we can win the fight.

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